Melissa Benoist On Her Supergirl Costume: ‘It Really Is Pretty Surreal’

One has to wonder what it must be like to don a superhero’s costume, especially that first time. Melissa Benoist recently experienced putting on her Supergirl outfit for the first time and Ms. Benoist revealed that it was a far more personality-altering experience than she had expected. The Supergirl outfit, which consists of costume and cape, was designed by Colleen Atwood for the CBS series that will star Melissa in the title role.

“The first time I tried it on actually [was when] I went to the costume designer’s house,” Benoist revealed. “Coleen Atwood is unbelievable and has all these accolades and accomplishments so I was very nervous to meet her. [And] I just had this injury so I had this eye patch on. It was kind of embarrassing.”

“But the second I put it on, something shifts inside of me,” Ms. Benoist said in an interview with E! News. “It’s kind of impossible not to feel strength and empowerment and positivity and hope. It really is pretty surreal.”

Ms. Benoist confessed that her amazement wasn’t limited to how she felt upon wearing the costume. Melissa was recently able to see a few completed Supergirl scenes, which means the special effects have all been added. Even Benoist was amazed by what she’d watched herself do in those few scenes so early in the season.

“I don’t recognize myself when I see those scenes,” Ms. Benoist said. “It’s kind of insane. The sheer scope of all of it, it’s so epic that it’s kind of mind-blowing to see it all put together.”

Melissa Benoist has been busy making plans for her post-Supergirl season, as well. Melissa has just signed on to star in Lowriders, a feature film to be produced and distributed by Universal Pictures in conjunction with Blumhouse and Imagine Entertainment. Deadline reports that Benoist has been cast as Lorelai, beating out Lily Collins and Nicola Peltz for the role.

“Demian Bichir, Eva Longoria, Tony Revolori, Gabriel Chavarria, Theo Rossi and Yvette Monreal also star in Lowriders, which centers on a teenager caught between his traditional father and estranged gangbanger brother who are both competing in the annual lowrider ‘Supershow.'”

Melissa Benoist has worked with Blumhouse on a past project, Whiplash. That film, which starred Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons alongside Benoist, was nominated for Best Picture at last year’s Oscars.

Supergirl premieres in November on CBS.

[Featured image: Melissa Benoist courtesy of CBS/Supergirl]