One Burger King Manager Proves That You Can 'Have It Your Way' By 'Paying it Forward'

Burger King, the fast food chain that coined the restaurant phrase "Have it your way," just lived up to their name again. They proved it first by bringing back their infamous Chicken Fries -- not once, but twice -- after the internet lit up with a hashtag campaign to push the king of burgers to bring them back.

This was despite the criticism they faced from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown; his senator floor speech urged customers to boycott Burger King because of what he labeled "corporate greed," according to the Inquisitr.

This time, however, according to WGAL News 8, a Pennsylvania Burger King has showed a different side of the burger monarchy.

For a Lower Windsor Township woman, it started off like any other Burger King stop when she went in to grab some cheap fast food. However, she then ran into a problem that is all too familiar for some, her bank card was declined.

As Sonya Frey reached into her wallet, she realized that she was five dollars short. Instead of asking for a break, she told the cashier that she would just change her order.

It was at this time the Burger King's manager was passing by and heard the customer's dilemma. She refused to make the Burger King patron change her order, so she told her there was no need for the order change. Frey was touched by the Burger King manager's desire to "pay it forward".

"I'm just still in awe that there are still nice, selfless people left in this world. We hear so many negative things happening in the world, and so it was quite amazing to have this happen."
Feeling so moved by the gesture, and because she was a self-described "couponer," Frey chose to pay it forward in her own way. She gathered household items, such as detergent, fabric softener, toothpastes, razors, and soap for the pay-it-forward Burger King manager that cut her a break on her bill. Her gesture garnered over 50 shares and more likes on Facebook.

The Pay It Forward concept reached a wider audience through the film of the same name that starred Kevin Spacey. In short, it means paying an act of kindness forward, after it was first bestowed upon the person forwarding.

If this Burger King and its manager speak to the fast food franchise writ large, it is hard to see why anyone should ban such a seemingly altruistic place. Hopefully, the Burger King manager again pays it forward.

[Image Via Creative Commons/Pay it Forward]