Mother Found Pushing Dead Tot On Maryland Park Swing

A Maryland mother is being evaluated at a La Plata hospital after authorities reportedly found her pushing her dead toddler on the swings of Willis Memorial Park. Fox News 17 reports that the gruesome discovery was made after concerned witnesses contacted them about the woman’s presence at the park, but that’s not all. The details surrounding this case are sparse but incredibly disturbing.

WCNC News reports that the unnamed woman was found by officers who responded to calls after witnesses claimed she had been swinging her child for an unusual amount of time. She had apparently been at the park swinging the deceased toddler throughout the night and had been there since the previous day.

A cause of death wasn’t immediately found on the child’s corpse. There were no visible signs of trauma, but an autopsy is currently scheduled. For the time being, the identity of the Maryland mom is not being released to the public, but she has earned such nicknames as “disturbed mom” in the mainstream media reports covering this macabre case.

This is not the first time something bizarre like this has happened of this particular nature. In 2014, a woman named Chava Stirn was discovered living with the corpse of her deceased mother. The woman had been living with the corpse for at least three years. Over the course of those three years, she propped her mother’s corpse up to eat dinner and slept with her at night.


Also in 2014, a woman was arrested after she was caught living with the decomposing remains of her husband. She told authorities that her husband wanted to be disposed of in a Native American ceremony which involved being eaten by vultures. More recently, a young mother was discovered to be living with the corpse of her dead child for several days in a Las Vegas home.

Currently, there are no identifying details in the case of the disturbed Maryland mom. Meanwhile, the community of La Plata are horrified while waiting in anticipation for answers. The story has also attracted the attention of media sources from across the United States and even international news due to the bizarre and dark details that surround it. The mother is currently being analyzed in a hospital where she is undergoing a mental evaluation. It’s not known at this time if law enforcement officials questioned or interrogated her about the death of her 3-year-old child.

[Photo: Screenshot from news video via Review Journal]