Lady Gaga Offers Bizarre Beauty Tips, Then Goes Blonde

Lady Gaga’s personal style has always been unique to put it mildly, and now she seems to be turning into a beauty expert with the beauty tips she’s been sharing via Instagram. A little earlier this week, Lady Gaga got together with her team of stylists to share a collection of make-up and personal style tips to share with her 7.3 million Instagram followers.

All the while, she was making a bold step for her personal style when she died her hair a bright, tow-head blonde on Thursday. The original “Poker Face” singer posted a photo of her dripping wet, entirely bleached tresses on her Instagram with the caption “Toner time.” Fans are used to seeing her with dark, chestnut locks, but this new look is giving fans something new to love about the star.

Apparently, the transformation was not a short one, as indicated by a shared message.

“8hrs yesterday and still going. Oh the glamours of sleep deprivation. More cigarettes please… We haven’t even touched the bleach yet.”

She used the long hours to share a number of helpful tips for her followers. In one photo, she sported larger-than-life white sunglasses, hair covered in bronze plastic wrap, and a peel on/peel off mask. The look made her appear a little other-worldly, but the mask served as visual reminder of the importance of caring for the face.

She told fans, “In the while my hair keeps working I do a series of plant stem cell masks and collagen lip jelly mask. Good for hydration and plumping with no [needles] or silly bruising!”

This note was accompanied by another photo of the singer wearing large, pink, plastic lips to apply the collagen.

In a more understated beauty tip, Lady Gaga also displayed her love of diamonds by showing off her large, heart-shaped diamond engagement ring in one of the photos. According to an article posted previously on Inquistr, the ring was gifted to her by her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney on Valentine’s Day when he asked her to marry him.

The singer is rarely seen without some form of the most precious bling in her public debuts, shown off in a variety of colors. This includes the array of 20-carat pink gold diamond studs she wore to the Oscars last year. Pink diamonds are one of the most coveted types of diamonds in existence, and Gaga wore them exceptionally well.

When the bleach was applied, dried, and set, Gaga posted a photo of her new look with her stylist Patti Song and the following caption.

“Although it was painful at times on the scalp, I like to avoid using any barriers with bleach so it’s as reflective and translucent as possible while still healthy. Advil and pound a few Pinot, but rinse immediately if the scalp is burning too much not worth it to get blisters…My hair still feels very soft!”

You can view her selection of beauty tips and the entire documentation of her new look on her Instagram page.

[Image via Billboard]