Trunking: Latest, Horrific Dog Fighting Trend Takes Deadly Sport To A Whole New Level [Video]

Dog fighting may be a vile, competitive sport, but unfortunately it’s nothing new. However, there are now reports of a new trend associated with the horrific sport that’s killing more dogs than you’d ever imagine.

The underground barbaric practice, known as “trunking,” primarily involves pit bulls who are forced to fight and kill. But, that’s not all. Unlike most dog fights that take place in the backyard of someone’s home, these fights are quite different. Apparently, they occur in a place most people wouldn’t even consider a battleground — the trunk of a car.

According to Clash Daily, the latest dog fighting trend, particularly popular in Florida, continues to gain popularity around the country. The volatile practice was first reported back in 2013. Dahlia Canes of Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation shared details about the deadly rules of the dangerous game.

Once dogs are locked inside the trunk, owners reportedly drive around with music blaring to drown out the sound of the dogs battling in the trunk. Then, after approximately 10 to 15 minutes, they pull over to check the status of the fight.

If both are still alive the fight continues, but in most cases, both dogs do not survive the horrific encounter for very long. If it is discovered that one dog has been killed, the dead dog’s body is discarded on the side of the road. Then, the winning dog is forced to fight yet another until he meets the same disheartening fate.


The heightened number of dogs that have been injured and killed during these fights has to the launch of a petition. The Force Change petition addressed to Florida governor Rick Scott is asking that he “put an end to dog fighting in car trunks.”

“Dear Governor Scott,

“Dog fighting in Florida has been a problem for years. So much so that the adoption and ownership of pit bull breeds in Miami-Dade County has been outlawed. A new practice called “trunking” is starting to gain popularity in the southern parts of your state because of its ability to be discreet. This involves placing two dogs in the trunk of a car and driving around blaring music to see which one can survive. The loser is thrown out like trash.

“The most serious case of trunking so far was recently discovered in the Miami area in which ten dogs were covered in wounds and needed to hospitalized for broken bones. Dog fighting cannot be allowed to expand into other forms and pursuits. Please do something immediately to investigate and end this practice before more harm is done.”

What type of punishment do you think dog owners should suffer for “trunking”? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images]