Ana Quincoces, Formerly Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Miami,’ Evades Jail Time

Ana Quincoces will not spend time behind bars for her March arrest in Key Largo. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the former Real Housewives of Miami star was taken into custody after she knowingly drove on a suspended license after leaving an ex-boyfriend’s home in the area.

On May 22, Gossip Extra announced the following news.

“[Ana Quincoces], 50, who used ex-husband Robert Rodriguez as her attorney in a case involving an ex-boyfriend, was allowed into the Monroe County pre-trial intervention program — something designed to keep low-level, first time offenders out of the court and jail.

“If [Ana Quincoces] keeps her nose clean for six months and completes 15 hours of community service, the case will be dismissed, according to the state attorney’s office.”

According to a separate report by Gossip Extra in March, it was alleged that Ana Quincoces drove to Key Largo from Miami, Florida, in an attempt to make contact with her ex-boyfriend, despite his having already moved on to someone new. Once she arrived at the home, she was allegedly spotted “yelling like trailer trash” before police arrived. Once they did, the cops checked Ana Quincoces’ license and discovered it was suspended. However, even though they told her not to drive, she did anyway and was later arrested near a Marriott hotel.

Ana Quincoces starred on the first three seasons of The Real Housewives of Miami, first as a guest star and then as an official housewife. For Season 3, however, she was a guest star once again. As for Season 4, that has yet to be confirmed, and by the looks of things, the show may have already been canceled.

At the end of last year, a source told LALATE News the show would return, claiming it would begin filming early this year.

“Real Housewives of Miami 2015 will feature the return of Adriana de Moura, [Alexia Echevarria], and Lisa Hochstein as full housewives, with Marysol Patton expected to be upgrade back from reoccurring ‘friend’ back to full housewife status as well. Purveyors of Pop is set to return as the show’s production company, [and] filming production dates are fully underway.”

A second report months ago, via Rumorfix, said the show would go on — but not without two of its main stars.

“Bravo is interested in doing a fourth season, but they are waiting on Lea Black and Joanna Krupa to sign on. Without Lea and Joanna, producers feel there wouldn’t be a show.”

Ana Quincoces has yet to speak out on her court case.

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