'General Hospital' Spoilers: Rebecca Budig Departs Show As Hayden

Stacy Carey

This week on General Hospital, Hayden was shot just as she was about to blow the lid off of the Jake situation. Viewers watched as Patrick worked to save her, but Hayden fell into a coma and wasn't necessarily expected to come out of it. Now, based on comments from Rebecca Budig, it seems that Hayden is out of the picture for good.

Rebecca Budig had fans thrilled when it was revealed that she had signed on with General Hospital to play Hayden. Those with the show never specified how long Budig would stick around Port Charles, but it was known she would stir up some trouble during her residency.

While many would say there was still plenty of trouble ahead for Hayden to cause, it seems that Rebecca Budig's time on the show is already over. As Soap Opera Network shares, Budig is done filming, and it seems that falling into the coma after being shot is the last that viewers will see of her. While it would seem the door could be cracked open for things to change, at this point the actress has departed.

Budig says that initially she was only going to be on General Hospital for two weeks. She reveals that after having her daughter, Charlotte, last fall, she wasn't sure if she wanted to be working. However, she loved her time on GH and has realized she does want to keep acting regularly.

Would Budig take on another soap role? It sounds as if she would love to get back into soaps for a more extended run somewhere. Given Budig's fan base and history in the genre, most would imagine that she'll be scooped up by somebody soon now that she's put the word out there.

What does this mean for General Hospital? Liz and Jake are together, for now, but this is surely going to blow up in Elizabeth's face soon. Viewers were left a bit stunned to learn that Nikolas is the one who put out the hit on Hayden, despite the two being involved. Will this come back to bite him or will he get away with it?

When will Jake's real identity as Jason be revealed? According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it actually may take a while yet. Many were hoping it would play out during May sweeps period this spring, but it seems there are rumors swirling that things could drag on until November sweeps instead. There have been hints and red flags popping up all over town about Jake really being Jason, so can this one really take that much longer to explode?

Rebecca Budig's fans are certainly sorry to hear she's departing General Hospital so soon when many would imagine the writers could have found ways to keep her around for a bit. Viewers will be interested to see just what happens next and when this Jason storyline brings about the big, long-awaited revelation of just who Jake really is.

[Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]