Aminah Jennifa Ahmed: UTA Grad Dies After Walk, Brain Aneurysm Suspected In Sudden Death

Bradley Ryder

On the day Aminah Jennifa Ahmed died, no one knew her symptoms were potentially deadly. Last Saturday, the University of Texas graduate passed away suddenly after the coveted walk across the stage to receive her college diploma. Aminah's cause of death has not been confirmed, but an expert suspects the a brain aneurysm is behind the UTA grad's death, citing a USA Today report.

Aminah's father, Shamsul Ahmed, said his daughter, 22, appeared to be fine before graduation day. He and other family members watched as she took the stage walk to received dual-degrees: one in business, the other in biology. Shortly after the ceremony, she complained of a headache and vomited at the campus. During the ride home, she had another episode. However, she dismissed it as stress leading up to her special day.

— Tusshar Krrishna (@BlkAngelT) May 22, 2015

Dr. Babu Welch with UT Southwestern, who has no relation to Aminah Jennifa Ahmed, and has never treated her, believes she may have died from the brain disorder.

"It's not very common in young patients. Usually our average age range is in that 40-60-year-old range."

At some point, the graduate-in-waiting climbed to the top of the Joyce Center on campus. His plans were to take a picture of himself and share it on social media with family and friends. To him, it was a way to usher in the next chapter of his adult life after graduation. But it would not be so. Investigators say he lost is footing due to a recent rain shower and fell to his death.

Aminah Jennifa Ahmed's family is crushed by her death. As her father said, he is "broken," and "nothing comes close to her."

After her death, her family established a Gofundme page to raise money for projects Aminah cared deeply about. She had recently started efforts to assist children in South Asia with eye surgery subsidies.

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