Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’ Sparks Brawls At Cannes As Movie-Goers Are Denied Entry To Sexually Explicit Film

French director Gaspar Noe’s film Love sparked brawls at the Cannes Film Festival when dozens of ticket holders had to be turned away from the 3D arthouse porn movie as it’s described.

Hundreds of movie-goers lined up to catch the midnight screening of Noe’s latest controversial flick, Love, but when the theater filled up sooner than expected, the remaining people, dressed in their Cannes Festival best, started a massive brawl; shoving, cursing, and yelling at one another, and theater personnel.

Love follows an American man living in Paris as he reminisces about his past love, Electra, and their tumultuous relationship, including their varied sexual exploits. The movie itself features over a dozen graphic, real (as in unsimulated) sex scenes that include orgies, threesomes, tons of close-ups of penises — including ejaculations, one scene of which was used for the movie’s poster, and a transvestite prostitute.

Before the midnight screening of Love, Gaspar Noe explained his reasoning behind the flick.

“For years, I have dreamed of making a film that would fully reproduce the passion of a young couple in love, in all its physical and emotional excesses. Of all my films, this one is closest to what I have been able to know of existence, and also the most melancholic. And it gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to share this short tunnel of joys and ecstasies, accidents and mistakes.”

Noe also added that he chose to shoot Love in 3D because “I felt that 3D would allow the viewer a greater sense of identification with the lead character and his nostalgic state.”


While brawls were going on outside the theater, inside, some viewers gave Noe’s film a standing ovation, some walked out — which is to be expected at a Gaspar Noe film — others complained that there were far too many penises and too few vaginas, and there were some who had wished Gaspar had gone further with Love, saying that they thought he was too conservative.

Gaspar Noe is no stranger to controversy surrounding his films — when another of his films, Irreversible, debuted at Cannes in 2002, many people walked out, and ambulances were called to help those who could not handle the explicit rape scene, starring Monica Bellucci — but Love is certainly Noe’s first film to cause brawls to break out at the film festival because movie-goers couldn’t gain access to see the explicit film.

[Photo Credit: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images]