Katy Perry Set To Release New Album By 2016 — Will She Slam Taylor Swift?

Katy Perry is ready to make some new music. The pop star’s manager, Steven Jensen, has spilled secrets about her next album. It seems like Katy is more than ready to work on her new album. That is, once she finds the time for it.

During a music news conference in Singapore, he said that Katy Perry, 30, “plans to release her next album by 2016.” That brings some good news to Perry’s dedicated Katy Cats fandom.

Will Katy Perry slam Taylor Swift on her new album? Both the “Bad Blood” song and music video were said to be about Katy Perry. Now fans are wondering if the singer will write her own response to Taylor Swift’s hit single.

Unfortunately for fans, she’s currently on her Prismatic World Tour until October. That means Katy has no time to hit the recording studio to start working on her new album. Also, she may not be able to release any new singles until the end of this year. Fans are also holding out hope that Katy will collaborate with her BFF Rihanna on her new album.

Katy Perry also expressed that she would love to come back to India. She apparently loves the country, as she got married there when she wedded ex-husband Russell Brand. According to a previous report, via RadioandMusic.com, Perry plans to come back to India during her world tour. Manager Steven Jensen says that the “Dark Horse” singer is set on making it happen in her busy schedule.

“She loves India and she would like to come to India. She plans to release her next album by 2016, so we hope to bring her to India after that.”

Perry’s next world tour will have the same places that she visited in Asia for most of her Prismatic World Tour. In fact, it was her management’s decision, so she can broaden her audience and engage with different cultures around the world.

The news about Katy Perry’s new album comes on the heels after her her interview with the AP about her successful tour and her new album era.

“It’s important for me to maybe start reinventing myself. Because I can’t keep topping myself because I’ll just combust at some point.”

The singer has hinted that she wants to do an acoustic album. Is on-again, off-again boyfriend John Mayer rubbing off on her?

”There have always been two records I want to make; the acoustic record and the dance record. [‘One of the Boys’] was very pop-rock, more alternative influences, very No Doubt. But the last two [‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘Prism’] were so pop heavy. ‘Prism’ has a more electronic influence. The next record does have to be different. I think that I’m gonna really have to reroute.

”I can’t wait to create more and evolve more and be a contributor. I would never ever want to be just a celebrity. It’s so gross. But if you’re contributing, you’re adding something to the world; you’re changing someone’s perspective. I’m disgusted by the fame stuff. I try to keep a distance from it.”

Katy released her last album, Prism, in 2013. She previously said that she wanted to go for a darker album, but she ended up with a light and fluffy album that contained a mix of electronic dance beats and contemporary Christian music. No matter what direction Katy went, she still managed to reinvent herself like she previously intended to do. The success of her last album even landed her a spot in the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

“It’s important for me to maybe start reinventing myself, because I can’t keep topping myself because I’ll just combust at some point.”

What are your thoughts on a new Katy Perry album? What would you like to see the pop singer do on her next album? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images]