Star Jones talks weight loss with Oprah

Former The View co-host Star Jones sat down with Oprah today to talk about her weight loss.

Jones’ weight loss previously gained widespread attention after she led people to believe that she had achieved weight loss success
on her own, where as she had actually undergone gastric banding surgery. The deceit ultimately culminated with her losing her job on The View.

“I was ashamed…That’s the word that is actually the real word. I was ashamed that I couldn’t control my weight, that I was an addict for all practical purposes, that I had never stuck to a real diet, that I had never stuck to a real exercise program” Jones told Oprah.

She also disclosed for the first time that her Doctor had told her she would die if she didn’t lose the weight.

Despite losing 160 pounds (73kg), Jones says that she still feels like a 300 pound (136kg) woman, and that the surgery was the hardest experience of her entire life.