Emily Ratajkowski: Sports Illustrated Photoshoot Dares To Bare Sideboob Of Topless ‘Gone Girl’ Star [Video]

Emily Ratajkowski dared to bare in a Sports Illustrated photoshoot. The supermodel also is an actress, who earned her film credits in Gone Girl. But now she’s proving that her sizzle as a model is hot with her new photos, reported the Huffington Post.

Ratajkowski also became a standout in the entertainment world for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. But now, with Sports Illustrated‘s fourth unveiling of the “Yu (Tsai) and Me” series, she’s a newsworthy knockout.

Emily collaborated with fashion photographer Yu Tsai specifically for the photoshoot that shows off her dare-to-bare body, reported Sports Illustrated.

“Emily has a body made by heaven with sharp smarts to match,” said Yu Tsai. “There are no hesitations in her process to create an amazing image. In this YU+ME series, I wanted my lens to capture Emily in both fashion and her raw natural sexiness.”

But for Ratajkowski, the decision to flaunt her sideboob in the photoshoot is part of her career-making moves, reported People.

And ironically, despite all the acclaim for her modeling, Emily describes herself as a “theater kid.” So despite that sexy spread in Sports Illustrated, she has her eyes set on the prize of acting. Next up, a role in Zac Efron’s movie We Are Your Friends, set to open in summer 2015.

But the supermodel and actress recently found herself getting unfavorable feedback for the Blurred Lines video and Gone Girl movie, reported the Daily Mail.

She denied that the naked models prancing around men in full attire was in any way misogynistic.

“I think you can be a sexual woman, empowered and be a feminist,” declared Emily. “I think sexuality should be empowering to women, it’s not always misogynistic or exploitative.'”

At first, however, the supermodel declined the opportunity appear in Robin Thicke’s video.

“I had initially turned it down,” she recalled. “I was eventually convinced by the director, who I really liked, to do it. It was kind of a good opportunity for me in a way because I couldn’t really speak to the lyrics as I didn’t write them, but I could about the video.”

Ratajkowski isn’t alone in recently getting attention for baring her sideboob or reverse cleavage. As the Inquisitr reported, supermodel Gisele Bundchen managed to make overalls look uber-sexy by sizzling in a new photoshoot.

Wearing only a pink bralet beneath those overalls, Tom Brady’s wife showed off her bodacious body, including reverse cleavage, in a way that just might bring the joys of jeans back to the world.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]