TV5Monde USA: Two Crime Series Airing This Spring On French-Language Channel, ‘Détectives’ And ‘Disparus’

TV5Monde USA is bringing you two gritty crime series that are sure to make your head spin. Filled with unusual plot twists, viewers will get to take part in the action by trying to figure out whodunit.

The first interesting crime series is Disparus, a tale that chronicles the life of a 10-year-old boy who must cope with the after effects of his parents’ imploding marriage and a babysitter who allegedly causes a series of traumatic events to happen to him. Next up is Detectives, a television crime series “following two investigators who are uncovering a mysterious murder case that makes a supposed dignified police officer look like the ideal suspect.” Viewers can tune into TV5MONDE USA to catch the latest crime dramas and so much more!


Here are the teases for both TV crime series.

Detectives: Season 2

Make way because this crime-stopping duo is ready to put an end to all criminal activity and even their own partnership. As the son of a leading detective agency in France, Philippe is used to having his way and abusing his authority until his father decides to force Nora, a fellow intelligence officer, to become Philippe’s new partner. With two opposing personalities and investigative methods, these two can’t stop crime without fighting every step of the way. A murder case about an uncivil teacher and her pupil is slapped across their desk, making these two go above and beyond to catch the culprit, even if that means investigating a few of their fellow police officers.

Disparus (aka Missing)

When the value of family is at the heart of a child’s existence, divorce is never considered as an option for a couple like Peter and Claire. Burdened with a toxic relationship, this pair seeks a trustworthy babysitter for additional help with Mattéo, their 10-year-old son, until they resolve their issues. Tragedy consumes this family when Mattéo and his babysitter mysteriously go missing without a trace. Overwhelmed with disbelief, the family turns to investigators to uncover if their child’s disappearance was a premeditated kidnapping, murder, or a runaway.

Tune in to TVMonde5 USA, where viewers are sure to catch some can’t-miss crime series airing this Spring. This channel is always striving to bring you the best in French-language programming. For more information on their spring line up, be sure to visit their online guide at their website.

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