UFO Chile: CEFAA Releases Report On Investigation Into 2012 AGA UFO Sighting

JohnThomas Didymus

Chile's Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, CEFAA, the agency within the Chilean Ministerial Department of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) responsible for investigating unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) -- an alternative and possibly more precise term for what is popularly known as unidentified flying objects, UFOs -- recently released a report on its investigation on a recent UFO sighting, the "AGA case."

[AGA is acronym for "Academia de Guerra Aérea," Chile's air force academy in Santiago.]

The Huffington Post's Leslie Kean obtained the case file.

On September 3, 2012, at about 7:45 p.m., two Chilean air force personnel, a paramedic driver and an emergency medical technician (EMT), were filling up an air force ambulance at a fuel pump located on the grounds of the academy, with assistance from the sergeant on duty, when five lights in a horizontal formation appeared from the Andes in the northeast and moved in the direction of the academy.

At first, the sergeant, a 27-year veteran of the force, did not pay much attention to the lights because he assumed they were helicopters carrying out rehearsals ahead of a military parade. But as the lights drew nearer his attention was drawn to the fact that there were no sounds.

The lights approached the academy grounds and began descending. It appeared they were going to land but paused to hover as the witnesses watched. The witnesses noticed that the horizontal formation of the lights changed into a triangular formation and finally circular.

The lights changed from yellow to orange and finally red, and hovered directly over the academy grounds.

The sergeant, who reported observing "a ship," described it to CEFAA investigators as "an oval shape, like a submarine. The upper part had windows with lights coming out and was shaped like a submarine, with a dome or something like it."

After hovering briefly, the lights began moving back towards the mountains and disappeared.

The entire sighting lasted only a few minutes.

Alarmed, the sergeant ran to the main entrance and shouted for the guard while his companions -- the ambulance driver and the EMT -- filmed the lights on their cell phones.

The corporal said he did not see the lights but that the sergeant told him he had just seen a "ship."

According to the corporal, the sergeant looked very shocked and although he "was dark-skinned... that day he looked pale white."

He recalled that the sergeant's reaction "was like something very serious had happened."

The director of the academy reported the sighting to the director of CEFAA, General Ricardo Bermudez.

In his description of the sergeant's reaction to the sighting, the director said, "The sergeant acted like someone who's seen something very strange. He also said he hadn't believed in those things [UFOs] until after what had just happened."

Air force and army psychologists called to evaluate the witnesses agreed that they were reliable witnesses whose agitation could be explained only by the assumption that they had seen something very unusual.

The sergeant was described as a man with very calm and composed personality. The corporal said he has a "strong character, strict, military. Not the nervous type."

But the other witnesses did not report seeing a "ship." They only reported seeing lights that changed from yellow to orange and finally red.

According to the driver, who admitted he was afraid, "They were round and they looked as big as the lights of a car and they were spinning on their own axis... It was like standing right beneath a street neon lamp. The only difference was that it was spinning."

"I guess they were some 50 meters away only. Either they were very big or very powerful...you could see the pine trees almost right beneath," the EMT said.

Footage captured on the cell phone of the EMT may be viewed here.

The Huffington Post's Kean noted that the cell phone did not capture the sighting accurately enough because cell phones are not good for filming lights in the dark. The cell phone footage also makes the lights appear further away then they appeared in real life.

The driver reportedly said, "While I watched the cell phone screen, there was very little that I could see, almost nothing. But, when I looked directly at them, they were very clear."

Kean also expressed conviction that the "phenomenon clearly demonstrates intelligence."

"How do you best form a triangle out of five lights? If you look at the close up of the triangle on the far right above, you can see that the left and upper points of the triangle are composed of two lights that have moved close enough together to form one point. I find this quite an astonishing solution to the problem."

Investigators ruled out airplanes, weather phenomena, car lights or other sources of light reflected or beamed from the ground.

According to Kean, the CEFAA Scientific Committee described the light as an "anomalous phenomenon" of unknown origin.

The report follows another released by CEFAA on investigations of a sighting by technicians at the Collahausi copper mine located about 14,000 feet above sea level in the northern Andean plateau.

Chilean investigators reportedly concluded controversially that the UFO was not "a known object made by man."

[Images: CEFAA via The Huffington Post]