Peggy Horstman Accused Of Raping Infant Daughter For Men She Met Online

Authorities in Barnesville, Ohio, have arrested Peggy Horstman on various felony charges associated with the rape of her own daughter. The details of this case are disturbing to say the least, but it’s thanks to the child’s father that an end has been put to the horrific abuse that could have escalated to unknown levels. WTRF News reports that the 27-year-old mother faces up to life in prison without parole if the charges against her stick.

Authorities in Belmont County say that the father of the one-month-old infant turned the woman in to police after he discovered that she had been taking their daughter to the bathroom in order to sexually assault her. The Daily Jeffersonian reports that Peggy Horstman allegedly inserted an object into the one-month-old infant, but any other details surrounding this act have not been clarified specifically. However, it’s been revealed that she had been doing this to entertain at least two different men that she’d met on the internet. The Ohio mom reportedly took videos and photos of the sexual abuse to send to the men.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a mother has been busted being sexually inappropriate with her child for the entertainment of men. Back in 2012, a Florida woman named Melissa Bailey was convicted of six charges of molesting her 18-month-old daughter. Like many female child molesters, Bailey was acting in concert with a man. At the end of last year, a Pennsylvania woman molested a toddler because she was “bored and horny” at the time. In another horrific case, a woman named Heather Koon has been accused of raping multiple children at a daycare that employed her in Ohio, and she may have filmed at least one of the incidents. In other words, this is something that happens — so how many more people haven’t been caught?

Peggy Horstman has been charged with one count each of gross sexual imposition and rape, and is currently being held in Belmont County Jail on $30,000 bond. She’s been appointed a public defender and is expected to appear in court on May 26. In the meantime, the internet is on fire with comments on social media about this woman and her unthinkable crimes. She’s currently being targeted with numerous death threats by angry members of the public who can’t wrap their minds around the sexual abuse of her own infant daughter. The best outcome to this story is that the mother is currently in jail, and the infant is currently safe.


[Photo: Peggy Sue Horstman Belmont County Police mugshot]