What Happened To Kimberly Nicole Hawthorne?

Police in Irondale, Alabama, are looking for Kimberly Nicole Hawthorne. The 27-year-old woman vanished around May 13, and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since by any of her loved ones. Now they’re worried about her well being in this reportedly uncharacteristic disapperance. WSFA News 12 reports that her friends say this is out of her character to disappear like this, which is an immediate cause for concern.

It has been nine days since the missing Alabama woman was seen. The last known sighting of her was around the 2400 block of 2nd Avenue in Irondale. Irondale police Detective Michael Mangina commented on the woman’s disappearance.

“She always talks to her mother. She talks to her brother. Her boyfriend told me that they were in love and that he is worried about her. So we just don’t know right now. We want to make sure that she’s OK.”

Few reports are clarifying on the details, but AL News reports that she went missing from the home she shared with her unnamed boyfriend. The man said that on the night of May 13 the woman went missing after he fell asleep. However, he admits that the two of them had a fight at the home before she disappeared. She also did not show up for work the following day at Logan’s Roadhouse.


Authorities in Irondale are asking for the public to come forward with any information that may be useful. If you’ve seen this woman or if you think you sighted something that may be of evidence to this case, please contact the Irondale Police Department at (205) 956-5990. Any information could prove useful in the search for this missing woman.

So what happened to Kimberly Nicole Hawthorne? There are so few details in this case it’s hard to determine one way or the other what may have happened to her. All that is known for certain is that she is missing and hasn’t been seen in more than a week, with the only available details being the ones that the boyfriend has provided to authorities. If this missing woman wandered out on her own after fighting with her boyfriend, she could have become vulnerable to a violent crime, or she could have ended up harmed in some other way. Until more information is gathered in this case, her disappearance will appear to have more questions than answers.

Photo: Twitter/Photo provided to media