Duggar Fans Show Support, Don’t See ‘The Big Deal’ With Josh’s Alleged Molestation Of Sisters

Duggar fans aren’t quite ready to give up on the 19 Kids and Counting stars.

Even as child molestation charges emerge regarding 27-year-old Josh Duggar (pictured above, top center) — Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest — and his dubious history with what reports are alleging were four of his sisters and one other underage girl, support is in no short supply.

Look at the family’s official Facebook page. On Thursday, the Duggars made three individual family statements in one post in which Josh admitted to acting “inexcusably” as a young teenager.

Jim Bob and Michelle also acknowledged the “sin,” and Josh’s wife Anna Duggar acknowledged that her husband had been open and honest about it prior to their marriage.

In each statement, the family did not deny the contents of the police report dug up by In Touch Weekly.

With that in mind, it was somewhat surprising digging through user comments after the post. Even though some Duggar fans would now be fine with a cancellation, there are still plenty looking forward to the next season if TLC doesn’t cancel it first. Here’s just a sampling of the supportive comments.

“Why is everyone getting so bent out of shape about this??” said Mikayla Anderson. “It was 12 years ago and he took the steps to change his life. Some people make mistakes!”

“I hope nobody ever holds things against me that I did when I was 15,” writes Josiah Henry. “I’m thankful for grace.”

“They never condoned it,” said Scott Bare. “In fact they went to the authorities themselves. They are condemning this sin right along with all the others… There are many sexual sins. These and homosexuality. The difference is they sought held [sic] for this vile sin. Others bathe in theirs.”

“People are making up details that haven’t even been made public and it sickens me that barely anyone is acknowledging that he stepped up and sought the help he needed,” said Allison Lee Palmer. “People can change and deserve second chances. I fully support your family and Josh.”

While there is much that will likely never be known about the alleged victims and the full extent of the abuse the Duggar girls and their friend may have suffered, what is known is that the Duggar family has made no specific denials to the legitimacy and truth behind the report.

If that’s the case and the crimes happened while Josh was 14-years-old, that would have been 13 years ago in 2002. At that point, Jim Bob and Michelle only had five girls, four of whom were implied as victims in the reports that are now circulating.

Jana Duggar, now 25, would have been 12 at the time and the eldest. She was followed by Jill, now 24 (11 at the time); Jessa, now 22 (9 at the time); Jinger, now 21 (8 at the time); and Joy-Anna, now 17 (4 at the time).

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[Image via Duggar Facebook page, linked above]