Justin Bieber, Diplo, & Skrillex Shooting ‘Where Are Ü Now’ Music Video Today

The music video for Justin Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo’s addictive EDM single “Where Are Ü Now” will be shot today. It’s unclear if the shoot will extend past Friday.

According to verified Twitter direct messages sent by Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, to select fans on Thursday, the visual for the Biebs’ dance collaboration with Jack U’s Skrillex and Diplo begins filming Friday (May 22).

As was surely intended, news of the messages quickly spread among Justin Bieber fans. The first was cropped but showed the words “Also shooting this week.” The second was a one-word reply to a fan’s query, asking when the “Where Are Ü Now” video would be shot.

Braun answered, “Tomorrow.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Screenshot of Braun's first direct tweet confirming the 'Where Are U Now' music video shoot)

The manager’s second direct message.

WAUN Video
(Photo: Second Braun direct message screenshot)

In addition, Bieber’s stylist, Karla Welch, hinted that something major involving the singer was in the works.

Yesterday, Welch tweeted, “A day of prep for @justinbieber is always fun!!”

Braun previously teased the video on Tuesday, tweeting, “@justinbieber @Skrillex @diplo #WhereAreÜNowvideo.”

A sardonic reply from Diplo, read, “@scooterbraun @justinbieber @Skrillex can we just do a kickstarter for it?”

Braun later hit up Diplo, writing, “@diplo @justinbieber @Skrillex we can do that…and we can just shoot it this week:) #WhereAreÜNow.”

Braun took to Twitter early on Friday, tweeting, “#WhereAreUENowvideo ) @justinbieber @diplo @Skrillex”

Now, everything is coming together today. The video will be filmed in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the now viral video of the Canadian singer’s appearance as the latest “Carpool Karaoke” punter with host James Corden on Wednesday’s edition of The Late Late Show, bumped chart positions for “Where Are Ü Now” on iTunes charts all around the world. The show’s Wednesday edition became the highest-watched episode in the franchise’s history to date.

The single jumped overnight from No. 20 on U.S. iTunes to No. 14. It’s moving betweeen No. 3 and No. 4 on UK iTunes, No. 18 in Canada [now No. 12], No. 2 on Canada’s Dance iTunes, and is positioning well in many other territories.

Over at Billboard, “Where Are Ü Now” remains at No. 22 on the Hot 100, still reigns at No. 1 on Dance/Electronic Streaming Songs, No. 3 on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, No. 3 on Dance/Electronic Digital Songs, No. 7 on the UK Top 100 singles chart, and No. 7 on the UK’s Top 40 Singles chart.

The hilarious 8:16 minute video pulled in 4.6 million views in 28 hours. At press time, it has stacked up over 5.5 million views in a 30-hour period. During the clip, the Brit and the 21-year-old superstar sang some of the Biebs’ biggest hits: “Baby” and “Boyfriend.” They also threw down on “Where Are Ü Now” and Boys II Men’s “End of the Road.”

Corden joked about the singer’s “fondue” lyric in “Boyfriend” and even managed to get the hitmaker to reveal he never wears the same Calvin Klein underwear twice, as the lifestyle brand give him boxes of them for free. Another highlight was Bieber showcasing his two-minute Rubik’s Cube solving prowess, after which he briefly got deep and meaningful with Corden.

Skrillex and Diplo are set to collaborate further on the Biebs’ new album. Skrillex and the singer got together for studio sessions in the week of May 11, and it’s likely many fans will be hoping the trio follow up their hit with more.

With the video for “Where Are Ü Now” filming today, a possibly well-realized visual could take the stunning single to the top or Top 5 positions of Billboard and other key charts.


Hours after Braun’s Friday morning tease, Bieber shared a reveal from the video set to his Shots account with a pic. Both were captioned “#Where Are Ü Now.”

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