‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: What Fan Favorite Has Been Missing From Filming?

The Walking Dead finished airing its latest season weeks ago, but the stars of the series are already filming Season 6 around their set locations in Georgia. Spoiling Dead Fans have been watching the filming and taking photos of various cast members from a distance, but one of the regular stars of The Walking Dead hasn’t been seen too much so far this season. Early reports of the filming show an attack from what appears to be The Wolves, so could one of the regular members of Rick’s group on The Walking Dead already be killed? Given all the people who died last season, could the writers be starting off the season with yet another major character death to get right back to the action?

Frequent cast sightings that have been confirmed already include Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Daryl (Norman Reedus) reporting to set today. Earlier this week, fans saw Walking Dead cast members Carol (Melissa McBride), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), and Tara (Alanna Masterson.) Some Walking Dead fans may think Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) might not be around much as he’s had some recent run-ins with the law for a DUI arrest, but they’d be wrong. The person who seems to be mysteriously absent from most of the action, according to bystanders near filming of The Walking Dead, is Michonne (Danai Gurira.) She’s missing from set calls per most official Spoiling Dead Fans reports, with only one person commenting that they had seen her on set at all.

During the last few episodes of The Walking Dead, Michonne had stepped up to become one of the officers of the Alexandria Safe Zone, but had taken charge of Rick when he had a bit of a meltdown, pulling his stolen gun on everyone and ranting about the weakness of the Alexandria residents, putting him in danger of being voted out of Alexandria altogether. With the possible threat of violence within the group, Michonne had stepped up to keep the peace.

But given that The Walking Dead is already filming an attack on Alexandria, with bystanders reporting gunshots and explosions, could it be that one of The Walking Dead‘s favorite characters has already been killed off by the writers in Season 6? The strong and silent Michonne was coming out of her shell over the last half of the season and expressing her desire to grow roots and to do more than just “survive.” As any fan of The Walking Dead can attest, developing any kind of moral compass does not bode well for your character on the show.

Since the beginning of The Walking Dead, the show has a history of killing off characters who act as any kind of moral compass. Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) acted as a moral leader of the group only to die. Andrea (Laurie Holden) chose not to kill the Governor in his sleep, hoping to prevent any more death and violence, only to have the Governor kill her. Then Herschel (Scott Wilson) became an inspirational leader and adviser to Rick’s group, only to be dispatched in a rather gruesome manner by the Governor. Beth (Emily Kinney) was simply the innocent of the group, and despite toughening up, she was killed off last season, as was her friend Noah (Tyler James Williams.) Tyreese (Chad Coleman) found himself struggling to kill humans as his moral compass rebelled against all the death and violence. Yep, he got killed off, too.

So where is Michonne? And should fans of The Walking Dead start worrying?

There is one other character that has been absent so far, or no one has seen him yet on The Walking Dead set. However, Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene, has been spotted in various locations around Atlanta, so he seems to still be ticking. Or maybe he just likes hanging out in Georgia. Time will tell if Eugene appears on set or if he’s yet another Walking Dead casualty.

[Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC]