Caught On Video: Goons Invade Man’s Garage As He Parks Car — Victim Delivers Deadly Surprise

Three punks, at least one of them carrying a gun, burst into a garage as a man pulled in to park his car with his wife in the passenger seat. But the brazen criminals, trying to rob and possibly even kill the man in his own home, were completely unaware of two key facts.

First, the man had a security camera in his home garage, that clearly captured images of the would-be robbers on video.

Second, and far more important, their prey wasn’t just any guy out for an evening with his wife. He was an off-duty police officer — who not only had a gun of his own, he was more than ready to use it.

The video above has gone viral this week and though viewers should be warned that the video contains very violent images, it’s easy to see why the 42-second clip of surveillance cam footage has been reposted dozens of times around the internet just since Wednsday.

Not too many details of the incident have been publicly reported. But according to various media sources, the frightening robbery attempt took place in the Uberlândia, a city of about 650,000 in southeastern Brazil that, like many urban areas in Brazil, suffers from a serious crime epidemic.

The video was recorded in the Vigilato Pereira neighborhood of Uberlândia, on the south side of the city, according to a report in the Brazilian press. The attack took place on May 14, as indicated by the date on the surveillance video.

The video clip begins normally enough, as a car pulls into an empty garage bay. The driver closes the garage door behind him. And that’s where all hell breaks loose.

Before the door can completely close, three men grab the bottom of the door and lift it back up. One man, holding a handgun in his right hand, walks quickly to the car and pulls the driver’s side door open. But even though the whole thing happens in seconds, the off-duty cop is more than ready for him.

The cop instantly opens fire on the bad guy, who was later identified as 32-year-old Eliseu Santos Paulo. Paulo fires back and misses, then runs away. His companions also flee.

Though Paulo is able to run off at a good rate of speed, he was hit and injured badly. He made his way to a hospital but died of his wound.

One of the other two crooks was arrested.

The man opening fire with a gun in his garage was reminiscent of an incident last year in England, when a grandfather found three thugs breaking into his home when he returned with his wife from an evening out and administered a serious beatdown on the hoods, as seen in the video at this link.

[Image: YouTube Screen Capture]