Mariah Carey Will Post Low Numbers For New Album: Is Jennifer Lopez Celebrating?

Mariah Carey‘s new album compilation #1 to Infinity was released this week and it won’t be No. 1 — not even close. Yesterday, Hits Daily Double predicted that Mariah’s album will sell betweek 14-16,000 in pure sales and 16-18,000 with streaming points. Mariah is lucky if she’ll make the top ten next week on the Billboard 2oo album chart.

Mariah Carey’s new single “Infinity,” which her record company and her PR team hyped up to be a huge hit, dropped off Billboard‘s Hot 100 after only one week of peaking at No. 82. However, many have noted that Mariah was at least able to chart with her new song while some of her other peers haven’t even been able to score anything on the Hot 100 chart.

Mariah’s arch nemesis, Jennifer Lopez, may be celebrating Carey’s lack of album sales. According top the Huffington Post, J-Lo threw major shade on Mariah’s performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

“Jennifer Lopez didn’t seem super enthralled by Mariah Carey’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. A video clip caught the ‘Booty’ singer texting and scrolling through her phone while Carey sang ‘Infinity,’ which TMZ is interpreting as a diss.”

According to the Huffington Post, Jennifer Lopez has indicated that there was no feud between her and Mariah Carey, but her body language shows otherwise. Mariah Carey won’t be sitting next to Lopez soon; she still isn’t over the fact that some of her greatest material in the early 2000s was taken by Jennifer Lopez, even though Lopez consistently denies that was the case.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey successfully performed “Infinity” to a pleased crowd at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday evening. Entertainment Weekly said Mariah is still a reigning vocalist.

“The 45-year-old, who canceled a performance last week because of a bout of bronchitis, started with a pitch-perfect rendition of ‘Vision Of Love’—her first No. 1, which turned 25 on Friday—before segueing into her most recent single, ‘Infinity.’ The song has a long way to go before topping any charts, but Carey gave it as rousing of a performance as the track that put her in the map two decades ago.”

The low numbers for Mariah’s new album really shouldn’t be a huge concern to Mariah Carey, her record company, or her fans. After all, Mariah has released similar compilation albums that sold a lot, so perhaps people aren’t interested in buying a new collection that really isn’t that different from previous ones. Besides, Mariah Carey will make more than enough money in Las Vegas to counter any lack of album sales.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]