First Details On What's Coming To 'Battlefield Hardline' With Next Month's 'Criminal Activity' Expansion

Following the release of Battlefield Hardline earlier this year, fans of Electronic Arts' signature online shooter will soon gain access to several new in-game features as the publishing giant has announced new details on the game's first upcoming expansion. EA gave players some idea of what to expect to be included in the add-on via a post on Battlefield Hardline's official blog.

Regardless of what side of the law players decide to fight for in Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity, the new expansion will give both cops and outlaws new areas and equipment to enjoy. In addition to bringing new gameplay content to Battlefield Hardline, the add-on will also introduce a new overarching theme that follows an underground crime syndicate.

"Detectives have uncovered evidence of a secret crime ring that could be behind all of this activity. They're not sure why anyone would coordinate these goals – in a number of cases, the take seems to be smaller than the risk. But, orders have come down the chain to find out what's going on and put a stop to it. Will you help the police?"
In the first details provided for Criminal Activity, Electronic Arts gave brief descriptions of some of the new items coming to Battlefield Hardline. While dealing with the add-on's secretive crime organization, gamers will gain access to plenty of fun new toys. The expansion will include two new vehicles, three new weapons, and newly introduced ammunition types that give certain weapons alternative fire options. Those who enjoy customization will be happy to learn that six new mask will also come with the expansions, including two new options for robbers and four more police headsets. Criminal Activity will also give Battlefield Hardline users a brand-new gadget, but EA isn't ready to disclose exactly what this tool will be.

Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield Hardline - EA

Players will also be able to enjoy a new game mode within Battlefield Hardline that will be called "Bounty Hunter." However, exactly what this new mode's objectives are currently unknown. Giving gamers new locations to continue the war on crime, Criminal Activity will add four new playable maps to Battlefield Hardline. The names of the new maps have been released but details on what is included in the new area are still unknown as a Game Informer report has pointed out.

DICE, the studio most associated with the Battlefield franchise is currently creating the next Star Wars Battlefront game for EA while Visceral Games continues to handle the development duties on Battlefield Hardline. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, DICE wants gamers to understand that their upcoming Star Wars game won't simply be a re-skinned version Battlefield title.

Do you plan on picking up the first expansion for Battlefield Hardline later this summer?

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