Sorry, Beliebers! Justin Bieber Does Not Have Sex To His Own Music

Belieb it or not, but Justin Bieber doesn’t have sex to his own music. That’s just one of the things the singer revealed to James Corden during their carpool.

In Thursday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Justin Bieber sat in the passenger seat as the two took part in some carpool karaoke.

Corden asked the Biebs: “Should we listen to some music?”

Bieber enthusiastically responded, “Let’s do it!”

Corden turned up Bieber’s 2010 hit single, “Baby.” The two started singing along to the song. During the song, Bieber rolled down his window and shouted “I love you” to a stranger. It sounds like Bieber was happy during this car ride.

Their weren’t just in the car to sing along to Bieber’s hits. Corden changed the topic and asked the singer how he stayed fit for his Calvin Klein campaign.

Corden asked the entertainer, “Now, did you work out a lot for the Calvin Klein campaign?”

Bieber responded, “Yeah and a lot for the Men’s Health cover.”

The “Boyfriend” singer also revealed that he doesn’t wear the same underwear twice.

He added, “They send me a lot of Calvin Kleins, like boxes and boxes.”

Corden asked, “So do you just wear ’em once and throw ’em out?’

Bieber said, “Yeah, I definitely don’t wear them twice. There’s so many!”

Corden joked, “That’s the life. I have to turn mine inside out and wear them again.”

Things got really sexy when Corden asked Bieber if he has sex to his own music.

“Do you listen to your own music when you’re making love?”

The Biebs blushed and said, “No.”

“You never listen to your own music when you’re making love?”

Bieber insisted, “No.”

Corden and Bieber also drove around Los Angeles, shouting out to strangers and singing along to Bieber’s new single “Where Are Ü Now.” Speaking of music, Bieber is reportedly working on his new album, as previously reported via the Inquisitr. He’s also planning to release a music video for “Where Are Ü Now” and a new single by the end of this summer.

Justin Bieber also has a hidden talent. The singer was able to solve the Rubik’s Cube in two minutes flat as Corden watched in amazement. There’s one thing that most Beliebers must not know about their beloved singer!

Also circulating around the internet today is a video of the Biebs before he became a major pop star. This video from 2009 shows the 15-year-old with his iconic hairstyle. Bieber visited the Seventeen magazine offices to sing an acoustic version of “Lonely Girl.” Check out the video at the source and prepare to swoon.

What are your thoughts on this new found Justin Bieber? Are you looking forward to his new music?

[Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images For 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango]