Stephen Curry Takes Daughter To Press Conference: Some Reporters Weren’t Impressed

Stephen Curry took his adorable two-year-old daughter to his press conference after the Warriors’ win, but some reporters weren’t impressed. Others called it the dumbest sports controversy, according to USA Today.

Curry, the Golden State Warriors point guard, 27, was at the press conference to talk to reporters about his team winning the basketball game where he made 34 points, six rebounds, and five assists as Golden State won against Houston 110-106.

While most people agree that Curry’s daughter is adorable, there are others who strongly believe that was not the time or place for Riley to be with her father.

At least two high-profile ESPN reporters took issue with Riley’s presence at the podium. NBA reporter Brian Windhorst dubbed her presence “counterproductive” while Skip Bayless complained that he couldn’t follow what Curry was saying, and the interview session “got completely disrupted” by his daughter.

Longtime NBA reporter Ric Bucher tweeted his thoughts about Curry’s daughter being with him.


Curry’s daughter took over the news conference as she crawled through the table skirt before he picked her up and placed her on his lap. Riley waved to reporters and interrupted Curry a couple of times. At one point, she muttered a few words, and Curry told her to ”hold on a second, OK?” She replied, ”Be quiet,” drawing laughs from the room.

As Curry answered the first question, Riley said, “That’s too loud, Daddy — quiet.” She yawned at one point. She waved at the people in attendance. Curry smiled and shook his head, telling reporters his daughter is usually more reserved. Photos and videos of the scene spread fast on social media. Some enjoyed seeing Riley with her Dad at the news conference. Others weren’t so pleased.

The Washington Post reported that Stephen Curry’s daughter sparked discussion about kids at the podium.


A day after the Golden State Warriors opened the Western Conference Finals with a win against the Houston Rockets, the great debate relating to this series had nothing to do with basketball. The question of the day was about the scene at Curry’s press conference and whether kids like his adorable two-year-old daughter, Riley, should be allowed to take part.

“After the press conference, the little girl confessed she didn’t have any fun at all, according to Sports Illustrated.”

Kids have been going with their parents to press conferences for years. In fact, Stephen went with his father when he was a little boy.


What do you think about Riley Curry’s appearance at the press conference with her father?

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