Video Of Angry Mom Who Shames 13-Year-Old Daughter For Posing As Adult On Facebook Goes Viral

The video of an angry mom who publicly shamed her 13-year-old daughter for posing as a 19-year-old woman on Facebook, posting racy photos of herself, and befriending men, has sparked media attention, gaining over 11 million views thus far, reports Mirror.

Valerie Starks of Denver, Colorado, became irate after discovering that her daughter created a secret Facebook account and was posing as a 19-year-old, posting racy pictures of herself, and befriending adult men.

As a punishment, she recorded a five minute and 40 second video of herself — with her daughter next to her — revealing her daughters’ truths to her adult Facebook friends, shaming her.

She posted the video via social media on May 17, which has since gone viral.

In the footage, Starks is seen yelling at her daughter: “You’re 13. So why does your Facebook page say that your 19? Are you 19?”

The embarrassed teen girl with her face towards the ground says, “no.”

The mother then asks: “You’ve got a Facebook page and you’re on there with your bra on, right? Is that what you do?”

Before the teen was able to respond to her angry mother, she began to cry, but it had no effect on Stark. She continued on with the video stating as follows.

“Don’t cry now. You wasn’t crying when you was posting pictures on Facebook, was you? In a bra? Some little girl in some lace panties that you know you don’t own. You still wear panties that say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.”

You still have a bedtime, right? You still watch the Disney Channel,” she added.

Towards the end of the video, the mother begins to address the men that her daughter was connected with via Facebook.

“She’s a kid and she’s going to stay a kid. And as long as she’s under my roof, she’s going to do what I say.”

Thousands of Facebook users were in favor of the mother, praising her for teaching her daughter a lesson. One user even wrote: “Great loving Mom! Say thank you child, someday you will understand and love your Mom for what she did.”

However, not everyone saw the video of the woman publicly shaming her daughter as tough love. Another user wrote as follows.

“Something needs to be done but not like this. That’s the problem with our society, no parenting skills this is not cool.”

Starks later explained to her daughter why she publicly shamed her. “I said, ‘I did this because I love you not because I really wanted to embarrass you,’ ” she said. “I wanted to make a statement and a stand for all parents that this is not going to be tolerated.”

Starks said that her daughter had done this four times before and hopes that she’s learned her lesson, and will think twice before lying about her age and posting racy photos online.

“She’s not mad at me. Her friends are not bullying her at school, and she’s OK. Next time she thinks about Facebook, she’s going to remember this day.”

The teen girl shamed by her mother is now on punishment for the whole summer for creating the secret Facebook account and posting racy photos. She is now required to read throughout the entire summer.

[Image via Facebook]