Kaitlyn Bristowe Teaser: ‘Bachelorette’ Causes Uproar In Rumored Sex Romp With Suitor

Was Kaitlyn Bristowe slut-shamed by Bachelorette producers? After a teaser aired, social media went aflutter over how TV execs handled Kaitlyn’s admission that she had sex with a suitor on the show, weeks before the “fantasy suite” rolled around. And get this: after the teaser, former alums came out and supported Bristowe in a ” ‘you go girl’ moment,” citing a Us Magazine report.

Season 11 began with a new twist to the flight-plan: it pitted two girls against the other. Over a two-part series of the premiere, the show featured Kaitlyn and Britt Nilsson vying for the contestants’ votes to be the lone bachelorette. Bristowe won over the hearts of the blokes. But then, a 4-minute teaser aired online and on television that came under fire for allegedly slut-shaming Kaitlyn Bristowe.

The season’s teaser footage revealed audible sounds of some moaning and groaning — suggestive of well, you know — going on, Britt and someone supine in a hotel bed, and Kaitlyn bawling about going too far.

“I don’t understand; it just happened. I don’t think I’m a bad person, I’m not ashamed of myself, but I do have other relationships, and one of those relationships went too far, too fast… I made a huge mistake.”

The internet instantly began chiming in on Kaitlyn’s supersonic dash to putting herself out there. Some comments were downright brutal — you can Google search those if you prefer. Others were supportive of Bristowe’s decision.

Is America really slut-shaming #Bachelorette Kaitlyn? Not a cool move, y’all. #Itis2015 — Lindsey Wood (@LWood9013) May 20, 2015

The backlash from the teaser-video supposedly slut-shaming Kaitlyn Bristowe also attracted some of the gals from Bachelor Nation. On Wednesday, the weekly chatted with some of the girls at a premiere gala for Unreal in Beverly Hills. AshLee Frazier (remember her?) chimed in first over the incident.

“Minus maybe Sean and maybe another Bachelor or two, I think they all have sex. They don’t [talk about it], and I don’t know why. I saw not too long ago with Bob Guiney, and he was a playboy out of all of them. I don’t know why they don’t talk about it. I mean, people have sex. It’s a natural thing. Why is it so faux pas? I don’t know.”

And in a “more power to you” show of support, Courtney Robertson (16th season of The Bachelor featuring Ben Flajnik) dismissed the flak viewers were giving Kaitlyn from the teaser.

“For me personally, I’m like, you go girl! If I was dating somebody for two months and might get engaged to him and you are in the moment… I talk about living in the moment and it’s kind of hard to do that during the show. You have a film crew and producers all watching you, so I give it to her for going after it and indulging a little bit.”

Here’s another spoiler (you’ve been duly warned): Britt may not be out of the game yet. The teaser clip about Kaitlyn Bristowe may be enough to take your breath away, but someone had their eyes on “the other woman,” and things are about to turn up, y’all.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]