Even With Her Real Age Revealed, Rebel Wilson Is Hiding More Than You Think

So finally, with her real age revealed, what else does Rebel Wilson have to hide? We thought she revealed it all in Pitch Perfect 2, in that scene before the President and First Lady. But it turns out she is 35, and her real age wasn’t the only thing she was hiding.

The reason for not letting her real age be revealed might have to do with playing a 20-something college student in Pitch Perfect 2. By having us believe she’s 29, she makes the role of Fat Amy six years more believable. Website profiles of the actress have since updated their information with her real age.

Even with her real age revealed, she also has things to clear up regarding her real name and her upbringing. An unidentified interviewee said the Australian star’s real name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, and revealed that she didn’t grow up in the trying circumstances she’s been leading the public to believe. All of this comes after an interview given to a former classmate was published in Woman’s Day.

“According to Rebel Wilson, she’s 29, was raised by dog-training ‘bogan’ parents in the ‘ghetto’ of Sydney, spent a year in Zimbabwe, climbed into a cage with a leopard, got caught in a shoot-out and then struck down by a severe strain of Malaria from a mozzie in Mozambique where, from her ICU bed, she envisioned herself winning an Oscar and rapping her acceptance speech.”

The interview goes on to say that much of this is bogus. And what’s being revealed goes beyond her real age.

“But far from the outlandish Hollywood movie-like life she’s portrayed to the public, an old classmate says Rebel had a ‘very normal, upper-middle-class upbringing’ and has added a touch of ‘fantasy’ to the life she lead before becoming a household name.”

Australian media bit onto the juicy details of Wilson’s cover up to the point of overshadowing her appearance in Pitch Perfect 2 as it plays in movie theaters.

Always the joker, Wilson took to Twitter to laugh the whole controversy away.

The Inquisitr reported that she’s got a new boyfriend. She was seen at a Rangers game on a date with Mickey Gooch Jr. Maybe all this controversy hasn’t gone well with Gooch.

Because a few days later she was spotted walking the streets of Manhattan alone, between filming for new movie How to be Single. Hopefully, the whole age thing didn’t put the actress in low spirits. Even with her real age revealed, it’s hoped that she continues to be a confident actress.

[Photo by Rich Polk / Getty Images for MTV]