Taye Diggs' Drag Queen Past, Actor Says He Experimented In High School

Niki Cruz

Taye Diggs recently got cast as the first African American to take on the role of Hedwig in Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch. That said, it looks like Diggs sort of related to the material a bit.

While spotted by cameras, Diggs answered questions about how he'll prepare for the role, and that's when Diggs revealed that he has a drag queen past, sort of. The actor, who has been on Broadway previously, stated that he experimented back when he was in high school.

"There's a lot of glitter. I mean, I went through a stage where I was a drag queen in high school in tenth and eleventh grade, and I experimented with homosexuality, a-- play. And outside of that I worked the streets, male prostitution."

Although the actor was all jokes for the camera crew, he did tweet out his gratitutde for getting the role of Hedwig.

Currently, Glee's Darren Criss is starring in the Broadway play. Previously, Michael C. Hall, Andrew Rannells, and Neil Patrick Harris played the role of Hedwig, with Harris earning a Tony for the revival.

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Back when Broadway star Idina Menzel was married to Diggs, she spoke to Pride Source about his high school years. When asked if Taye ever flirted with his sexuality, Menzel replied cheekily, "No. Please. He went to the high school of the arts in Rochester and majored in theater in Syracuse, and so many of his friends were gay before we even met."

She continued, "Yeah, he'll even engage in runway' at parties at the house if we pull out the carpet and it's late at night, he has a couple of drinks and Taye will even do runway... if you give him enough alcohol."

What do you think of Taye Diggs' joke?

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