Woman Curses Out Horse, Take A Wild Guess How The Horse Responded [Video]

There have been many arguments regarding the intelligence of animals. While some people think they lack understanding of human language, others have argued that they probably understand more than you’ll ever know. If you’ve ever doubted animal intelligence, this video of a horse interacting with a female horseback rider will make you think again!

Apparently, the horse ticked the woman off, so she decided to voice her frustrations by spewing expletives at him, reports the Daily Mail. However, it appears she isn’t the only one frustrated because he made it quite clear he understood the brash tone she took with him. So, he decided to retaliate.

Shortly after the 15-second LiveLeak clip begins, the woman can be heard yelling at the agitated animal. It’s quite obvious she’s cursing, because the majority of her words are bleeped out. Then, the horse decided he was tired of the seemingly offensive rant, so he threw her off of his back. When she hit the ground, of course, she had a lot more to say. So, the horse went a step further to shut her up. You can probably take a wild guess how the horse handled the “misunderstanding.” He kicked her!

According to Equus magazine, when a horse kicks, it can mean a number of things, but in most cases it’s not a playful gesture. Powerful kicks could indicate that a horse feels threatened, frustrated, or hurt. So, it’s definitely safe to say animals comprehend very well and possess emotions just as humans do.

Do you think the horse was tired of the woman’s cursing? Do you think he was only playing? Share your thoughts.

[Image via LiveLeak Screen Capture]