Missouri Woman Held Captive For Months In A Wooden Box Found Dead Weeks After She Was Freed

The Missouri woman who last month was freed from months of captivity in a wooden box has been found dead, along with her 17-year-old son, and her captor has been named a suspect in her murder, WDAF (Kansas City) is reporting.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in late April, a woman – now identified as 46-year-old Kay Sutton – called 911 to report that her boyfriend had been keeping her captive in a wooden box for several months. Her boyfriend, convicted sex offender James Barton Horn, was nowhere to be found.

According to police, the box was just over eight feet long, about four feet wide, and just over four feet high. Inside police found sleeping bags, reading material and a bucket full of urine and feces. A small hole had been cut into the soundproofed box for air.

Since being freed from her captivity, the Missouri woman had been living with family in the town of Clinton, about 45 miles away.

Police were called to the residence at about 4:20 a.m., when her relatives returned home from work. Police say the woman’s relatives arrived home to find Sandra, and her 17-year-old son Zachary, dead from gunshot wounds, according to KMBC (Kansas City). A car belonging to Sandra was stolen from the home – it was later discovered in Sedalia, according to SPD Chief John DeGonia.

“There was a description put out of the suspect vehicle. While officers were on patrol, an officer located the suspect vehicle in the south parking lot of Bothwell (Regional Health Center).”

Immediately, police identified James Horn as a suspect in the murders. As of this post, he has not been found.

Sandra’s mother spoke to a WDAF reporter earlier this month to describe Horn.

“If you see this guy you need to turn him in, he’s a very dangerous guy, and he could do this to your daughter.”

Meanwhile, an intense manhunt for the murder suspect is underway in Sedalia, the Missouri city of approximately 13,000 people where James Horn is suspected to be.

School Superintendent Brad Pollitt said Sedalia schools are on lockdown.

“Sedalia schools are following their normal daily lockdown procedures but all outdoor activities have been cancelled for the day due to law enforcement activity in the area. There is no indication that our students are at risk but we are taking all precautions to ensure their safety.”

This is a developing news story. The Inquisitr will provide more information about the Missouri woman’s murder as it becomes available.

[Image courtesy of: Sedalia Police]