Jillian Michaels Nose Job Gave Her Confidence To Transform With ‘Self, Science, And Sweat’ Health Keys

Jillian Michaels doesn’t try to hide the fact that she had a nose job. Instead, the celebrity fitness trainer and former coach on The Biggest Loser uses it to illustrate her belief that the right decisions can form your destiny, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Now, an author and popular motivational speaker, Jillian has developed a theory that three keys are required to achieve the optimal happiness and health. And they sound simple – but as she illustrated in her recent speech, they can be challenging. The three keys are self, science, and sweat.

Overweight and bullied as a chubby teenager, Michaels knows what it’s like to have low-self esteem because of bad body image. And in addition to transforming herself, she has helped hundreds of people through training them as well as through her weight loss books and fitness DVDs.

Jillian says that it’s important to take control of the future.

“Destiny is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance,” says Michaels.

In addition, the personal fitness trainer emphasizes the importance of finding a purpose in work, whether it’s training in the gym or building skyscrapers.

“Anything worth having in life will require work and it will require sacrifice, but if you’ve got the why — if you’ve got purpose in the work — that’s when the work is passion. Work without purpose is punishment. Bottom line.”

As for worrying about money? Michaels names health as better than millions of dollars.

“Your health is your number one wealth,” she says firmly.

However, that doesn’t mean going on strict diets, adds Jillian.

“This b***h is going to need a hamburger with the bun from time to time. It’s not necessary to live in these extreme diets. It isn’t necessary, and it’s very difficult.”

As for what happened to make Michaels decide to have a nose job when she was only 16-years-old, Jillian reveals that she was bullied, as the Inquisitr reported.

Overweight as well as self-conscious about her nose, Michaels gradually changed her life by having plastic surgery and losing weight before becoming a personal fitness trainer.

Now, she’s hopping on the latest exercise trend by providing an app that allows people to work out at home, reported USA Today.

The app, available on her website, also includes recipes and calorie counter as well as the opportunity to get fit with Jillian acting as your personal trainer.

[Photo by Rachel Murray / Getty Images for Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption]