‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ Cast Revealed: Who Is Competing In Season 31?

Another season of Survivor is in the books, with Mike Holloway winning the Worlds Apart season on Wednesday night. Next up is an intriguing season that fans are dying to check out. The viewers got to pick the Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance cast and the castaways headed straight from Wednesday’s reunion show and cast announcement to the plane to start filming. Who is taking part in this Season 31 cast?

There were 32 former players eligible for the voting, but only 20 ultimately get the opportunity to play again. The set-up of this new season is that all of the castaways have played only once before and no winners were eligible. After some intense campaigning, the 20 castaways were given the nod during the Worlds Apart reunion show. Which players are getting a second shot at the big prize?

While many of the people in the mix were from recent seasons, there were some older franchise veterans as well. As the names were announced, there were a few surprises, but there were also some picks that fans had felt confident would be back. As Entertainment Weekly shares, Season 1 castaway Kelly Wiglesworth is back, as are Season 2 players Jeff Varner and Kimmi Kappenberg.

The new cast also includes Season 7 player Andrew Savage, Terry Deitz from Season 12 and Peih-Gee Law from Season 15. Survivor: Tocantins Season 18 runner-up Stephen Fishback gets back in the game again, as does Monica Padilla from Season 19. E! Online adds that Season 25 star Abi-Maria Gomes got the nod, as did both Ciera Eastin and Vytas Baskauskas from Season 27’s Blood vs. Water competition.

Season 28 contributed Tasha Fox, Woo Hwang, Spencer Bledsoe and Kass McQuillen, while Season 29 castaways Jeremy Collins, Keith Nale, and Kelley Wentworth will be competing too. Finally, from Season 30, Joe Anglim and Shirin Oskooi will be battling once again, and Mike was eliminated from the possibility of getting a spot as he won in Wednesday’s Season 30 finale.

While there are a few disappointments among fans commenting online, a lot of people seem thrilled with the Second Chance cast and are excited to see how it comes together. Will those early season castaways be at a disadvantage at having been away so long? Will the Season 30 contestants be edged out as they’ve had little time to connect with the Survivor family?

How much aligning among the contestants has already been done between the castaways, given that they all knew who was campaigning for a spot in this season already? Some wonder if this season will be easier than some to find spoilers, as the cast is already known and more visible than in many prior seasons.

Filming is slated to begin immediately and run through June with a premiere date in September. Which Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance castaway will win in their second shot to play the game? Fans will have to stay tuned to see what Survivor spoilers come together as Season 31 is filmed and starts airing this fall.

[Image via TVLine]