Husband Who Cheated With 17 Girlfriends Can Apparently Guess What Women Are Thinking

Having had an unfortunate accident in the bathtub involving some makeup and a hairdryer, Mel Gibson brought the concept of knowing what women are thinking to life in the hit movie What Women Want.

However, now, there reportedly really exists a man with such powers, a man dubbed by his ex-wife the “Chinese Casanova,” who allegedly cheated on her with 17 different women, and was able to do so as he “knew what they were thinking.”

Those almost unbelievable allegations were made recently by the man known only as Mr. Yuan’s wife, Li Li, who spoke online about her two year marriage to the world’s best casanova.

Having studied in Japan, Li returned to China in 2008 and met Yuan via an online dating service. Li married Yuan on Valentine’s Day, 2012.

In speaking in online forums about how she felt when she discovered her husband was cheating on her, Li Li wrote as follows.

“We divorced in 2014. I did know he had women outside but I didn’t think he had so many. After all this came out his mother and all his friends online all believe that we were too easily taken in by him. However I believe that if the law fails and there are people who have no conscience then every woman has the chance of meeting people like Yuan.”

An online user posted a comment to Li, writing, “Good people cannot find a wife but bad people can get so many women. I want to find a girlfriend, how do I capture the heart of a young woman? How did Yuan capture your heart?”

In explaining how Yuan is such a hit with the ladies, Li divulged the following.

“He understands women’s needs and thoughts and can basically guess what they are thinking and can say words that touch your heart — just like the popular phrase ‘Zouxin,’ which means putting things into your heart that you won’t forget.”

Li explained further how Yuan is so successful when it comes to meeting women, saying, “His appearance gave me a sense of trust, a man of few words, humorous. At the time I was looking for someone to trust, who was contented with life, to whom I could marry but I didn’t think I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

Despite the hurt she went through, Li still spoke almost proudly about Yuan, saying that he had a unique talent when it came to keeping track of all his relationships.

“He had so many partners yet he can remember the details of everyone without getting confused. This is his gift. Also he never lets his phone out of his sight even when he goes to the toilet.”

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