Eighth Grader Builds Two Story Treehouse, 14-Year-Old Elise Truchan Forced To Take It Down

An eighth grader’s two-story treehouse was quite an accomplishment. Most people don’t even put that much effort into something that productive at that age.

Unfortunately, due to a Leet Township Council ruling, the impressive structure violates a law. Local building codes forbid the building of such structures in the front yard, and 14-year-old Elise Truchan’s accomplishment can only be left intact until October 1.

This is similar to what a homeless woman faced in Canada when she built her own home, and then the government told her she couldn’t live in it or build it any further without facing serious fines.

Elise isn’t homeless, but the treehouse also served a purpose. The structure was part of a school project, she said, according to CBS News. She earned an “exemplary” grade, but the neighbors had a problem with it. After the complaint, the project reached the ears of the Pennsylvania town leaders and resulted in some bad news.

Elise Truchan couldn’t believe what she heard.

“It took like a lot of planning to do, and to figure out what should go where, and stuff.

At first, I thought it was a joke, but then I found out that it wasn’t. So, then I got really sad.”

The eighth grader’s two story treehouse was built with a rope ladder, which drops from a hatch and serves as an entrance. A built-in ladder aids in granting access to the second story. Using her birthday money, Elise splurged on wall to wall carpeting for the second floor. The second floor is big enough to have hosted a slumber party for herself and three friends, says the Daily Mail.

Among the decorations are a flat screen TV and Harry Potter posters. A window on the second floor even looks out on a birdbath, which Elise had received as a gift from her grandparents.

Until the eighth grader’s two story treehouse has to come down, Elise has decided to at least enjoy it while she can this summer.

[Image via Built By Kids]