Marseille Drug Dealer Offers Cannabis Buyers Loyalty Cards

Regular cannabis buyers in Marseille, France were amazed to receive loyalty cards with their purchases on Thursday. The loyalty card included a price list, the dealer’s opening hours, and a polite message thanking them for their business.

Apparently, for purchasers of cannabis from this particular dealer, opening hours in Marseille are from 11 a.m. to midnight and the message was very professional and friendly.

“We look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood, thanks for your loyalty.”

Besides the price list and business hours on the one side and the message of thanks, the back of the card has ten unstamped squares, along with another message, letting the loyal cannabis buyers know they will get a 10 Euro ($11) discount once all the boxes had been ticked. So for every ten purchases, cannabis customers can save a few bucks.

According to the French language media outlet, La Provence, one buyer might have thought he had already smoked the marijuana and was feeling its effects.

“I thought I was hallucinating.”

“I thought I was at a pizzeria or something.”

But no, this is apparently now business as usual for this Marseilles drug dealer and according to the Local, the loyalty cards did, indeed, look like something a restaurant or pizza outlet might offer.

Tweet translation: In Marseille, the dealers even offer loyalty cards!

The dealer involved, who for obvious reasons preferred to remain unnamed, said that the whole thing is really causing a stir in Marseille and it certainly looks like it will be good for business.

“It went around on the internet and got a crazy buzz going.”

“Now everyone’s coming to the neighborhood to see it with their own eyes.”

Buzz is probably just the right word to use, too, as according to the dealer, since implementing the loyalty card service, he has definitely increased the number of his cannabis buyers. He did add that this is probably because he is the only dealer offering a loyalty service in the city.

However, it seems that local residents are not so impressed with the new cannabis buyer loyalty scheme, with one young mother commenting, “It just goes to show that anything goes around here.”

The Local mentioned that the French channel BFM TV reported recently that organized drug dealing is becoming a major problem in the southern French city. Apparently on Monday this week 300 police officers carried out a sting operation which nabbed a gang of 20 dealers.

According to Wikipedia, the cultivation, sale, possession or use of cannabis is prohibited in France. However, in June 2013, legislation was passed permitting the sale of medications containing cannabis derivatives. The local police are also, no doubt, not impressed with the new loyalty card scheme.

The Inquisitr reported recently that cannabis is also still illegal in South Africa and that a cannabis activist was so frustrated during an interview on the subject that he lit up a joint, live on air.

[Image: CC BY-NC 2.0 Prensa 42]