Is Kim Richards’ Dog Capable Of A Deadly Attack?

Kim Richards’ dog, a pit bull named Kingsley, bit at least two victims in 2014, and one of those victims, 80-year-old Kay Rozario, sued. However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Rozario wasn’t awarded the $1 million in damages she was requesting. Instead, according to Radar Online, she received just over $8,000 to cover her medical bills.

Because she didn’t get what she was hoping, Rozario filed an appeal a short time after the hearing, claiming she wanted the case seen again — and for Richards to participate. Although Kim Richards’ dog was at the center of the case, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star didn’t appear in court, and didn’t seem concerned, at least publicly, about what her animal had done.

Richards’ failure to address the issue when the attack first happened was what ultimately led to a second attack on her niece, Alexia Umansky. Kim Richards’ dog was clearly capable of seriously injuring her loved ones and friends, and yet the reality star allowed the dog to continue living with her.

On May 21, in regard to her appeal, Rozario spoke to Radar Online, claiming she was “terrified that the pit bull will kill someone.”

Rozario reportedly sustained life-threatening injuries after Kim Richards’ dog attacked her during a brief stay at the reality star’s home early last year. Although she didn’t file a suit against her at the time, the dog’s second attack on Umansky, prompted her to do so. Still, she claims her case regarding Kim Richards’ dog was “never about the money.”

“If this was about the money I would have sued her right away after the attack. It is about the principle. I have always know that Kim does not have any money.”

Months after Rozario’s attack, Kim Richards’ dog viciously attacked Umansky, the daughter of Kyle Richards, leaving her in need of multiple surgeries. Still, Richards failed to address her dog’s serious issue and allowed him to remain in her home. She even claimed Umansky suffered no more than a little bite on her finger, when in reality, her niece nearly lost her hand.

“That dog is a killer and he needs to be stopped.”

Kim Richards’ dog’s attack has led to more than just Rozario’s lawsuit. It also prompted an ongoing feud between Richards and her sister, who has reportedly not received as much as an apology from Richards in regard to her daughter’s injuries.

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