June 29, 2017
Quentin Wright In Custody: Cops Say Teacher Let Students Have Sex In Storage Room

Police in Georgia say Quentin Wright is in custody. On Tuesday, the popular teacher at The Champion School in Stone Mountain was arrested and charged with inappropriate text messages and conduct with students. Wright was also jailed for allegedly allowing students to have sex in a classroom storage room where he even provided condoms, citing a WPTV news update.

Wright, 25, was investigated after a parent allegedly found some disturbing text messages on her child's phone. DeKalb County police say when the woman found the texts on her 14-year-old son's mobile phone, she contacted the school and police.

An arrest warrant was issued for Wright, who was booked on several misdemeanor charges. He was also fired from his teaching role at the Georgia school. A spokesperson with the school district said that the communication with the minor student was against policy. In short, he was terminated and accused of "inappropriate conduct and communications of a sexual nature with students."

The probe of Wright also revealed that the teacher authorized students to have sexual intercourse at the school. Additionally, he provided them with contraceptives, namely condoms, investigators allege. After Quentin Wright was placed into police custody, his mother, Joyce, blasted the allegations that her son had anything to do with the disturbing charges.
"They're trying to ruin his career as an educator. I am very hurt and very upset that this whole thing has come out. He said, 'Mom, there is no way, no way I would do anything like that.' He is very upset about it, he's very upset, because he cared a lot."
Wright's mom said she believes her son. Moreover, she claims the allegations don't fit who her son is and likely will be dismissed.
"He loved his students he would never do anything to harm his students. If you had asked any of the students how Mr. Wright has loved them, cared for them and been a good teacher, a good mentor, they would all say he was a great teacher."
The news of the Champion school teacher's arrest comes on the heels of another educator-related arrest. In early May, a principal was caught in a vehicle with one of her students in North Palm Beach. Apparently, Krista Morton was busted by police in a parking lot smoking weed. A report said she was "partially-clothed" at the time. Morton was suspended after her arrest.

After Quentin Wright was put into custody of police, he was booked with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

[Photo via: CBS46]