May 21, 2015
Jennifer Lopez Swimsuit Cover For 'Us': JLo Sizzles In Sexy Swimsuit, Looks Amazing At 45

Jennifer Lopez is in a swimsuit on the cover of Us Weekly, and she looks unbelievably good. According to the Huffington Post, Lopez showed off her stunning body in a belted, black one-piece bathing suit. The 45-year-old mother of two talked body image with the magazine, and said that she focuses on the positives to keep herself feeling sexy. While she admits that she doesn't match society's definition of perfect (oh, but she does!), she says she feels good about how she looks.

"I embrace who I am. I feel sexy, I feel youthful, I feel pretty sometimes, sometimes I feel not pretty, you know what I mean? I think a healthy body image comes from being the best you, not competing with anybody else. You know, I'm not a 6-foot tall model... I'm not a size 2. I think it's about focusing on yourself and just trying to be the best you."
Jennifer Lopez's swimsuit cover for Us Weekly is making its rounds on the internet this week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this is the second time in just days that JLo has shown off "reverse cleavage." The term represents cleavage from the side/bottom of a woman's breasts, and it's something that Lopez has done quite well as of late.

At Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Lopez was seen in a Charbel Zoe gown. The sheer number had strategically placed sequins that covered what they needed to, but Lopez exposed just the right amount of skin. People couldn't stop talking about how amazing she looked -- and that aforementioned reverse cleavage.

Jennifer Lopez
JLo at the BMAs

Jennifer Lopez posed in a swimsuit for the cover of Us Weekly for the magazine's "body issue." Lopez is heading up a new weight loss company called Body Lab. According to the website, it's a weight loss and nutrition guide for women -- created by women -- that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

"BodyLab is an innovative, research-based line of health and fitness formulas designed specifically for a woman's body. No added creatine. No bulky muscles. No ingredients that wreak havoc on your hormones. Simply a unique blend created with plant-based compounds to help you burn through excess body fat, get lean, and feel amazing. Created for women by women, BodyLab provides the nutrition, knowledge and support that will unleash the healthy and happy you."
[Photos by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]