Hidden Cameras Used To Spy On Teenage Girls Discovered In 52-Year-Old Man’s Bathroom

Hidden cameras used to spy on teenage girls were shockingly discovered in a man’s bathroom. Courtney Crain, 18, considered Kurt Higgins a father figure until she made an unforgivable discovery. Courtney started feeling strange — like someone was watching her.

Courtney briefly explained her strange feelings to KATU.

“I just had this weird feeling someone was watching me.”

Crain and other school girls looked up to 52-year-old Kurt Higgins — they trusted him and viewed him like a father figure. The young women used to spend time at his house getting ready for school dances in his bedroom and went swimming in his pool. They would housesit for him and made frequent visits to his home after soccer practices.

Last summer, Higgins asked Courtney to housesit for him at his Happy Valley, Oregon, home. He also invited her to take a shower in his bathroom and sleep in his bed.

When Higgins gave Courtney a house tour, the teenager recalls him inviting her to lie on the master bed. She also remembers, just before he left for a trip to Black Butte, Higgins urged her to use the master shower and left specific instructions for her to text him when she turned the sauna on.

Red flags went up for the young girl. Her intuition motivated her to look around the bathroom.

Courtney was shocked to find two wireless Netgear VueZone cameras hidden in between towels in Higgins’ bathroom. She immediately pointed the hidden cameras out to her cousin, Justin Keller, according to the Oregonian‘s coverage of this alleged crime.

Courtney Crain Shocked After Finding Hidden Cameras
Courtney Crain considered Kurt Higgins as a father figure, but then she found the hidden cameras and immediately told her family. (Photo via KGW)

The two hidden cameras are capable of allowing someone to stream video to a smartphone or computer, and zoom in if needed.

After Courtney’s parents notified police, Happy Valley Detective Gil Millett obtained a search warrant to seize Higgins’ flash drive and computer. Detective Millett’s affidavit pointed out that the investigator found Higgins’ housesitting instructions quite “disturbing.”

Detective Millett noted his discussion with Higgins — an excerpt from the affidavit read as follows.

“After some discussion, Mr. Higgins stated, ‘I made a stupid decision,’ and admitted to placing two cameras in his master bedroom in order to film Courtney. Mr. Higgins told us one of the cameras was pointed toward the shower and the other camera was pointed to the mirrored door in the bathroom, where Courtney was instructed to stretch before going into the sauna.”

Courtney Crain mother Sally Courtney and her mother, Sally Crain, appear in court. (Photo via Steve Duin)

Millett added comments made by Higgins to police investigating the case.

“After getting the text message from Courtney and learning that she had found the cameras in the bathroom that he deleted all the videos that had been taken over the weekend from his Cloud storage system. Mr. Higgins stated there was nothing on the videos but he deleted them anyway and told us there were about 20 files. Mr. Higgins also told us that after learning that Courtney had found the cameras that he became scared and did not sleep that night. Mr. Higgins stated that he left his vacation home in Black Butte early and at about noon in order to get home to take down the cameras.”

Police arrested Kurt Higgins. Kurt Higgins appeared in court on Tuesday and was charged with three counts of invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor in the state of Oregon. Courtney Crain appeared in court during Higgins’ arraignment.

Booking Photograph Of Kurt Higgins
Kurt Higgins booking photograph (Photo via Clackamas County)

Courtney expressed her concern about Higgins’ hidden cameras and his predatory act and voyeurism to a KATU news reporter.

“Why is this guy trying to film me? Why does he want to see me naked in the shower? (He was) someone I looked up to. (I) saw him as another father figure. Why me? Why?”

Higgins was later released on his own recognizance. Courtney Crain says she supports changing the current state law. She wants Kurt Higgins’ alleged acts of voyeurism using hidden cameras changed from a misdemeanor to a felony in her state.

[Featured image via KGW]