Baby MRAP: Meet the Military's New M-ATV


U.S. troops in Afghanistan will soon have a new vehicle on their hands. The U.S. military is bringing an MRAP All Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV), known as the Baby MRAP, to teams on the ground.

The Baby MRAP weighs less than 9 tons and is said to provide better dash and slope speeds than any ground vehicle currently in the U.S. military's fleet. It also boasts a low center of gravity to make off-roading easy and the risk of rolling over minimal.

BAE's M-ATV uses a turbo-charged diesel V8 engine that can support speeds up to 80 mph. It provides 20 kilowatts of auxiliary power for on-board equipment.

Other features of the Baby MRAP, according to a recent media report:

• IED jammers • V-shaped blast-dispersing monocoque hull • Significantly increased power-to-weight ratio • The ability to ford hard-bottom fresh water to depths of up to 5 feet. (M-ATV is not amphibious) • Generate 10 kilowatts of vehicle host power and export an additional 20 kilowatts for mission equipment • Turbo-charged diesel V8 engine • Shorter wheelbase for improved cross-country mobility • Lower center of gravity for increased maneuverability and to prevent rollovers • Ergonomic steering angle to "drive like an SUV" • "Runflat" tire system allowing the M-ATV to safely cruise at 30 mph on up to two flat tires

The Baby MRAP unit will cost about half the price of its predecessor -- $500,000, compared to $1 million for the previous MRAP model. The Department of Defense is aiming to have the units arrive in Afghanistan before the end of the year, FOX News reports.