Justin Bieber Engaging And Fun In Carpool Karaoke On ‘The Late Late Show’

How did Justin Bieber do as the latest “Carpool Karaoke” guest with James Corden during Wednesday’s edition of The Late Late Show?

Engaging. Justin Bieber. He was funny as heck, too. The Biebs even bust out his Rubik’s Cube party trick.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Corden kicked off the carpooling capers by getting the 21-year-old superstar to take a selfie with two passers-by, who freaked. The British comic-host riffed by pretending their excitement was down to his show.

Then, it was the time for first of Bieber’s biggest chart slayers, which Corden had cued up and ready to go. Enter the Canadian’s 2010 classic “Baby” (which the singer declared was “a smash record!” before ruefully adding, “It’s got the most dislikes on the Internet.”)

The pair sang along animatedly to the bubblegum track, with the Biebs flexing some of his tour dance moves. At one point during their ride, Corden joked that he didn’t recognize the singer “for a minute” when he picked him up because he “had a top on.”

That segued into a couple of Corden probes, asking Bieber if he worked out a lot before his Calvin Klein gig and Men’s Health magazine cover. “Yeah,” was his reply. Then came an underwear reveal.

It turns out, the oft-shirtless one was given boxes of CK undies. Bieber admitted he throws out each pair after just one wear because (“There’s so many!”) Corden responded, cooing, “That’s the life.” He added, “I have to turn my inside out and wear them again.”

An incoming call to Bieber’s smartphone (“It’s a girl”) prompted Bieber joshing about not kissing or holding hands with a girl before marriage.

More hilarity followed when The Late Late Show host asked Bieber, “Do you listen to your own music when you’re making love?” Bieber said he does not, which was probably a lie.

Corden ran with it, pressing play on the singer’s 2012 hit “Boyfriend” — with finger snaps — while saying the song was what he’d use to set the mood on a love-making session.

Seconds later, Bieber was reciting (Mike Posner’s) lyrics, with Corden interjecting that the infamous “fondue” reference was a no-no because of cheese dripping issues. The singer defended fondue as seduction food, explaining that the fondue he sang about was of the chocolate variety.

The meaning of “swag” also got an update. To Bieber, it means “your swag is your style.”

Cue clothes swapping.

Then, it was time for Bieber’s two minute Rubik’s Cube moment. This was accompanied by the singer’s new Jack Ü-produced single, “Where Are Ü Now,” and hyperactive dancing in their seats from the pair.

Near the end of the eight-minute carpool karaoke segment, Corden played Boyz II Men’s iconic “End of the Road” after asking Bieber which kind of music he listened to during car journeys. (“In the car I listen to a lot of R&B,” the singer revealed.)

In between the duo singing their heart out to the lovesick hit, Corden asked, “Where does Justin Bieber want to be in 10 years time?”

Bieber’s reply? “Um, I want to be completely secure in myself, and um, have a family and stuff.” To which, Corden noted, “That’s a very mature answer.”

As all good things must, the Bieber-Corden double act came to an end. After thanking the Biebs for getting him to work, the heartthrob quipped that he was about to “catch an Uber.” Last night’s edition was filmed earlier this month, when the Biebs rolled up to play drums with the Reggie Watts-led house band.

While that surprise spot was good, “Carpool Karaoke” Bieber was much more entertaining and revealing.

[Images via CBS / The Late Late Show]