Stephen Curry’s Mom Sonya Steals The Spotlight After Warriors Win, Earns Praise For Age-Defying Looks

Stephen Curry’s mom Sonya stole the spotlight from her son after his big NBA playoff win, earning praise for her youthful good looks and enthusiasm for her son’s team.

Sonya was featured during the Golden State Warriors’ first game of the Western Conference Finals, a contest in which Curry exploded for 34 points in leading his team to a victory.

Despite the amazing performance and series of clutch shots hit, Stephen Curry actually saw his mom get most of the internet’s attention after the game.

Stephen Curry’s mom Sonya wasn’t the only one stealing attention away from the league MVP after his team’s big win. In the postgame press conference, Curry brought his 2-year-old daughter Riley to the podium as he answered questions.

“It’s entertaining basketball. We’re both supposed to help our team win and do what we can to impact the game,” Curry said as Riley politely told her father that he was talking too loudly.

Oddly enough, the adorable moment led to some grumbles from sports writers in attendance who didn’t like her presence.

USA Today noted.

“A few writers, who apparently were worried about making their deadlines (though as former friend of For The Win Adi Joseph points out it was an early game), complained that kids shouldn’t be allowed on the podium because it’s a waste of time, stops their parents from answering tough questions, is a shield, etc etc.”

But USA Today also stood behind Curry.

“Or maybe, after being on the road for half of the season, dads really just want to hang out with their kids. Here at For The Win, it’s something we celebrate — they’re buzzy, cute moments that remind us that sports are supposed to be fun and there’s more to athletes than just what they do on the court.”

Basketball has always been a family affair for Stephen Curry, who grew up playing with his dad, longtime NBA player Dell Curry. While Dell was never a superstar like his son, he did have a nice shooting touch and won the Sixth Man of the Year award.

Now that Stephen Curry’s mom Sonya and his daughter Riley have stolen the spotlight, maybe it’s his dad’s turn next.

[Image via Twitter]