Sonja Morgan On Carole: ‘Is It Really So Bad To Be Me?’

Sonja Morgan is having a tough season this year on The Real Housewives of New York as none of the ladies are very supportive of her. Whenever Sonja tries to explain a business venture, many of the ladies appear to be very dismissive of her. And this has been an ongoing struggle for Morgan this year.

But Sonja Morgan has other fish to fry. Apparently, Sonja feels that Carole Radziwill has been making digs at her and this isn’t sitting well with Morgan. While these digs are made as jokes, Sonja is sad as she feels a little betrayed by her friend.

According to a new Bravo report, Sonja Morgan is now asking some tough questions and she thinks that Carole is being way too critical of her. And this week, several examples came up.

“What was with Heather’s BFF Carole knocking my consultations with a psychopharmacologist? Carole isn’t a doctor, and I don’t know why she thinks that she knows what’s in the best medical interest for me,” Sonja Morgan reveals, adding, “This is another example of one of the women just being critical and starting rumors. If Carole is really concerned about my health and what my psychopharmacologist does, she should come to me instead of talking about me to everyone in the world in pure speculation.”

But this is apparently just the beginning for Morgan. Sonja adds that she has noticed Carole becoming more and more dismissive of her as they are filming together. They were never really close friends, but Sonja Morgan has noticed that Radziwill is mocking her quite a bit behind her back, which is quite painful coming from a friend.

“I’ve noticed that Carole has become more dismissive of me, instead of taking the time to really hear what I’m saying. This makes me sad,” Sonja Morgan reveals, adding, “I don’t know why Carole was so upset when Luann said that her boyfriend is “Sonja young.” Is it really so bad to be me Carole?!”

Of course, Sonja has plenty of things that her co-stars can attack her on. Bethenny Frankel has been critical of Morgan’s business ventures. And according to the Inquisitr, she does feel that Sonja could use some help in her business planning. But maybe Sonja’s feud with Carole grows, as Andy Cohen has revealed that it is only getting better.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan’s observations? Do you think Radziwill is being mean?

[Image via Bravo]