Hugh Jackman Shows Jimmy Fallon The Real Way To Eat — And Enjoy — Vegemite [Video]

Since the advent of YouTube and the multitude of videos of people trying foods from other countries, the one item that has caused the most grief — taste-wise — seems to be Aussie Vegemite. The yeast spread that is popular in Australia seems to be way too salty for foreign palettes.

That was until Hugh Jackman took offense at Jimmy Fallon’s dislike for Vegemite when he tried it on air during his TV show, The Tonight Show. During that episode Fallon’s sidekick, Steve Higgins, described Vegemite as “Nutella gone bad” and “beef bouillon that fell on a brewer’s floor”. Both he and Fallon tried Vegemite on air after being dared by two Australian children.

Jimmy Fallon Tries Vegemite the wrong way before Hugh Jackman shows him how to do it right

Hugh Jackman, who stars as Marvel’s Wolverine, was not one to let the Vegemite incident slide when he was invited on The Tonight Show the following week. He even presented Jimmy Fallon with a toaster before toasting the bread and preparing it just the way an Australian would.

“I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with you man. You were talking a bit of smack last week about Vegemite… See, it’s not like Nutella, you can’t just scoop it on. It’s refined, [you spread] just a little bit. In fact, I want to show you how to do it.”

Hugh Jackman then went on to explain exactly how you should prepare and eat Vegemite:

  1. The bread should be white and soft. As Jackman explained, “the crappiest bread possible. It’s gotta be white, it’s gotta be fluffy.”
  2. Toast the bread lightly.
  3. Add a thin layer of butter to the toast and let is sink in.
  4. Spread the Vegemite THINLY. This is the trick, you want no more that a scant scraping of Vegemite across the buttered toast. You can see from the image below just how little Vegemite is on the toast:

Hugh Jackman shows Jimmy Fallon the correct way to eat Vegemite

Once the Vegemite toast was made, Hugh Jackman was literally drooling.

Hugh Jackman then went on to share his piece of Vegemite toast with The Tonight Show’s band. And even they liked it too.

You can enjoy the full video of Hugh Jackman teaching Jimmy Fallon — and the world — how to eat and enjoy Vegemite below:

Would you be prepared to try Vegemite after Hugh Jackman showed the correct way to prepare it? Or is it still on your “never to eat” list? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

[Image credits: NBC / The Tonight Show]