Photobombing Ghost In Photo Of Man With Freshly-Caught Fish

What happens when you take a picture with a prize catch after fishing and post it for everyone to admire but people who see it are abuzz about the sinister apparition behind you? Fisherman Wayne Foulkes reeled in a 16-pound carp at Ponciau Pool in Wrexham, Wales. But an evil-looking, orange-glowing ghostly visage appears to be peering through woods behind him in Foulkes’ celebratory picture.

He had been fishing all day when he caught the fish. As he proudly held it up, his friends took the photo at Ponciau Pool in Wrexham, Wales on May 9. Foukes was surprised to find the orange being peeking out behind him. But the area has a history that could potentially explain any ghostly presence.

Ponciau councillor Paul Pemberton noted that the pool has a “grim past,” so he wasn’t shocked at the ghostly presence, according to METRO. Suicide notes have allegedly been found in the area, according to Express. And Pemberton stated the following.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it but it is a 100 per cent genuine photo and you can definitely see eyes, nose, teeth and a whole face in the background. Even in my lifetime, I know there have been a couple of suicides in that water and it really does have a grim past….In the last 30 years, there was one guy who lost his life there and another lad called Owen who is believed to have committed suicide there too. But it’s a mystery as that place is in the middle of the village and is surrounded by houses and this is the first report we have had of any ghosts there. It’s certainly brought a smile to people in the village and I’m sure we might get the Ghostbusters around soon.”

Foulkes is a member of the Ponciau Fishing Club. He is also the head bailiff in charge of checking whether fisherman have licenses to use the pool. So he is familiar with the area and apparently had never seen the scary sight in the picture. He stated the following, according to Express.

“I’m a big lad so I wasn’t spooked by it, if I’m logical then there is a bungalow right behind the trees there and it’s probably that. It was my friend who noticed it first after he came down to take the picture and the first time I saw it I was like ‘what the h*** is that in the background?’”

There is another photo that was in the news in which a ghost allegedly peeked out behind the main subject in the photo, according to an article in the Inquisitr. Anastassia Perets, 21, took a trip down memory lane and discovered a photo of herself when she was four years old. At first, the photo seems normal enough–after all, she was a little toddler looking at cute caged birds while wearing red pants, black knee-high boots, and the obligatory ponytail. Normal enough, right? But what lurks behind her is what can make the skin crawl. There’s a little girl seemingly innocently holding a toy behind her opening a door. One problem: Anastassia says there was no other girl in the photo. The blonde toddler in the background is an apparition, according to Anastassia.

Is it real or is it photo shopped? What do you think? Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost? Please leave your comments below.

[Photo Courtesy Twitter]