Michelle Obama Is A Beast, Watch ‘#GimmeFive FLOTUS Style’ Fitness Video

On more than one occasion, the First Lady has impressed a lot of people with her fit physique, particularly her well-toned arms. In a recent video, we learn how she is able to maintain her remarkable form. We also learn that Michelle Obama is not to be messed with. Apparently, President Barrack Obama’s wife is a beast in the gym!

Her workout vid entitled “#GimmeFive FLOTUS Style” was made in response to a Twitter challenge raised by her husband President Obama. Last week, Michelle celebrated the 5th anniversary of “Let’s Move,” a signature campaign she initiated to promote physical fitness in the country.

President Obama showed his support to his wife by sharing a video of him working out with his workout partner Joe Biden. Through the video, he wanted to show how busy leaders can still stay in shape by squeezing in a few exercise routines here and there. In his case, the U.S. President maintains his fitness by jogging through the White House, conducting walking meetings and “drinking up” a glass of water.

While President Obama’s workout vid might seem impressive to you, you should see his wife’s! Clearly, Michelle’s workout routine is more intense than the President’s. In her video, the First Lady can be seen jumping rope, sculpting her abs with a medicine ball, and throwing high kicks on boxing bags. She even lifts 35-pound weights on an incline!

Michelle started out the video with a disclaimer for her audience. Before busting out her inner beast, the First Lady cautioned, “I want to emphasize that you should only do exercises like these with a coach or a parent around to make sure you’re using the right form. That’s how you can both get active and stay safe.”

And like a true pro, she ended the video with a great fitness advice. The First Lady said, “Don’t forget, always drink up.” Michelle’s workout video featured a total of five fitness routines and was filmed at the White House Athletic Unit. It was also narrated by Cornell Mcclellan, personal trainer to the First Family and a member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

Michelle began her “Let’s Move” initiative back in 2010. It promotes exercise and healthy living with the goal of ending childhood obesity within a generation.

[Image via YouTube]