Ryan Murphy Earns More Scorn Than Praise With New ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer [Video]

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Scream Queens.

For months now, Ryan Murphy’s followers have come together from his past hits American Horror Story and Glee to form one eclectic fanbase eager for anything new on Scream Queens. Fans have been rewarded with hints and teases until, at long last, Murphy finally released a full three-minute Scream Queens trailer. Far from overwhelming praise, would-be Scream Queens fans have taken to the internet to express utter disappointment in this big reveal.

Before going further, take a look at the Scream Queens trailer for yourself.

Aside from praise for Scream Queens‘ big attractions Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, fans would be hard pressed to find a kind word for Murphy’s new endeavor. It seems he may be pushing the envelop too far with Scream Queens, or, as Craig Michael Ranapia points out in his comment, not quite far enough.

A user response criticizing the 'Scream Queens' trailer. Courtesy of The Verge.

Even the outfits of Murphy’s star in Scream Queens have already taken heat, being compared to the head chopper in Caligula by IO9. That same article cites Jamie Lee Curtis as the best reason to watch. Does Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens have too much camp and not enough scream? Lara Emily seems to think so.

“This looks way to much like all the 90s slasher that wanted to be Scream so desperately. Plus it’s on a bloody broadcast television channel. No way they let it have the bite that American Horror Story has on FX.”

Ryan Murphy himself has said that, in creating Scream Queens, he drew heavily on ’80s slasher horror films and specifically on Heathers (1988), so it may not be surprising that The Verge‘s reaction to the trailer was derivative of Murphy’s own thoughts.

“For this outing, though, Murphy is drawing from the American Horror Story playbook, resulting in what looks like Heathers in 2015 — except with more latex. Starring the likes of Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keke Palmer, and obviously Lea Michele, the show involves a series of sorority murders that presumably get in the way of Rush Week. Blood will be spilled. Shade will be thrown. It might even be good, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Perhaps the critics are looking at Scream Queens with a far-too-critical eye and forgetting that the creator has already done that for them in creating a humorous parody of ’80s horror. There are still a number of fans who are still excited for the premiere of Scream Queens, especially now that the trailer has fulfilled their nostalgic wishes for a look at the best thing the ’80s had to offer: extra gooey cheese.

Users on io9 supporting the 'Scream Queens' trailer. Courtesy of io9.

Scream Queens will debut this fall on Fox.

[Featured image: Scream Queens poster courtesy of Fox]