LeAnn Rimes Has A Friend In Brandi Glanville? ‘RHOBH’ Star Demands Followers Be Nice

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville often feud online, but today was much, much different. While the pair are usually at odds, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took an unexpected approach to their relationship in her latest tweet.

After witnessing some not-so-nice words about LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Eddie Cibrian, on Twitter, Glanville released a statement, encouraging her followers to refrain from making mean comments towards the country star.

A while before posting the tweet, Glanville seemingly took aim at LeAnn Rimes when she shared a photo of two men wearing her face on a T-shirt at LeAnn Rimes’ concert. While the reality star and mother of two told fans, at the time, that they could be fans of both her and LeAnn Rimes, the tweet appeared to spark controversy, nonetheless.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville recently spoke to InTouch Weekly, revealing things between her and LeAnn Rimes were better than they once were.

“Things are currently going OK!” she told the magazine.

“It’s really nice and very weird because the tide has been smooth for a little while now. It worries me that something crazy’s about to happen because usually it ebbs and flows. I hope it continues to stay cool like this.”

At that point, LeAnn Rimes’ relationship tension with Glanville had appeared to have settled, but just weeks prior, during a Podcast appearance, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star made a shocking announcement.

“The mom-of-two claims Eddie, who would leave for ‘weeks at a time’ and ‘sleep in separate rooms’ from his reality star ex, tried to win her back and claimed he still loved her — even though he was romantically involved with his ‘Northern Lights’ costar (and now wife) at the time!”

According to Glanville, she and Cibrian may have been involved sexually, even after he committed himself to his relationship with LeAnn Rimes. Glanville also said she “may have” recorded conversations with Cibrian and sent them to LeAnn Rimes.

Glanville and Cibrian were married for nine years and had two children together before she caught him cheating on her with LeAnn Rimes. Following the affair, Glanville and Cibrian got a divorce, and he went on to marry LeAnn Rimes.

[Photo via Twitter]