Leaked Document Shows Sony May Cut PS Vita Price By $110 And PS4 Price By $50

A gaming super-sleuth appears to have uncovered that Sony is planning a very near-future PS Vita price cut and a PlayStation 4 price cut to $89 and $349 respectively. According to WholesomeGamer, that sleuth is “Robert,” a loyal reader of the site.

Robert apparently uncovered a “super-secret document” on one of the Sony Retail Loyalty websites. In the document is a section regarding both the PS Vita handheld device and the PlayStation 4 gaming console, among other items.

The language used seems to point to a potential near-future price cut.

The leaked document notes Sony is running a promotion from May 14 until June 10 called the “Olli Olli Boosted Board Sweepstakes” at the special website. During the promotion, Sony is awarding a PlayStation 4, a PS Vita, and two other prizes.

PS Vita Price Screenshot Loyalty Program Rules

The Sony Retail Loyalty program offers “verified video games retail employees in North America” a chance to win prizes, learn about Sony products, and participate in other exclusive events, according to WholesomeGamer.

Because the website is made for people in the retail industry who work with Sony products and not the general public – which has its own PlayStation community – it is likely Sony likely never intended the document or price information for public consumption.

United States law requires sponsors of promotions to disclose certain information about the sweepstakes, such as odds of winning, prizes awarded, and Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of each prize.

The document Robert found shows the approximate retail value of the Sony PS Vita as $89, which is $110 less than Best Buy’s PS Vita retail price of $199, and the Sony PlayStation 4 as $349, which is $50 less than Best Buy’s PS4 retail price of $399.

Although Sony has yet to make any announcements regarding the PS Vita or PlayStation 4 prices, it is possible that Sony will announce the massive PS Vita and PlayStation 4 price cuts at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event, according to iTechHead. E3 is slated for June 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

GamePur mentions the drastic PS Vita and PS4 price cuts are the result of human error, while WholesomeGamer notes that the price change might not be a price change at all.

Instead, WholesomeGamer suggests it could simply be the current price for an older PS Vita model instead of the “newer 2000 series.”


A public contest with a similar name as the Sony Retail Loyalty website contest is currently running on Wednesdays, called #WinItWednesdays, according to the PlayStation Community. This contest offers various prizes, such as an Olli Olli 2 prize pack, and last week’s Snoop Dogg prize pack.

If Sony indeed plans on a PS Vita price cut and PS4 price cut, some might wonder if retailers like Best Buy are charging way more for the PlayStation 4 console and PS Vita handheld device than they should be.

Do you think Sony is scheduling a PS Vita and PlayStation 4 price cut, or should the contest winner expect older PS Vita and PS4 models?

[Photo Credits: PlayStation, PS Vita, WholesomeGamer]