Savvas Savopoulos' 10-Year-Old Son Tortured For Money, Killers May Have Ordered Pizza

Shelley Hazen

A disturbing detail has emerged as detectives probe the killing of Washington, D.C. businessman Savvas Savopoulos and his family last week; his 10-year-old son may have been tortured in order to extract money from his wealthy father.

The detail came from a detective on the case and was reported by WUSA9. No elaboration was given as to why the officer believed Phillip Savopoulos was tortured.

Firefighters doused a blaze in the family's residence Thursday, which investigators now believe was arson. Officials entered the home and found the body of the housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, 57, an anonymous firefighter told People.

"That's when we knew it was something else. [We] were told we had to leave immediately because they didn't want us to contaminate the scene, because it was an active crime scene at that point. We all waited outside. They came out and told us that they had found more bodies of the man and his wife. The last one we heard about was the kid, who was in a bedroom by himself. We were like, 'Oh my God, someone would kill a kid?'"

And in a second disturbing detail, the killer, or killers, may have ordered a Domino's Pizza, WUSA9 added; the local restaurant confirmed a delivery person went to the house late last week.

Meanwhile, a second housekeeper, who received a few mysterious texts and voicemails telling her not to join Figueroa at work Thursday, said Savvas had made arrangements for $40,000 to be delivered to his house on the day of the fire. She confirmed the delivery, which was apparently made by Savvas Savopoulos' assistant, the Washington Post reported. The assistant was helping Savvas prepare for the opening of a martial arts studio.

By the time police arrived at the Savopoulos home, it had been drenched in gasoline and set on fire. The $40,000 was gone and so was the family's Porsche, found later torched and abandoned in a church parking lot.

Right now, investigators are looking into Savvas' personal and business life -- he owned American Iron Works -- for any connections to the crime. They're also trying to discern when the family was last safe and when their deadly run-in with their killers began.

They are as yet "holding all judgment" on a motive until the evidence collection has been completed. Detectives are reportedly "passionate about this one" because of Phillip's death.